Rolec Design Services

Rolec Services Ltd has a design and development team that has the skills, imagination and enthusiasm to provide you with your own unique product design. Rolec has always been at the forefront in the design and introduction of innovative utility service products, some of those products include:


It was Rolec who introduced the Rolec Classic service pedestal range back in the late 1980’s.

“Where Rolec goes, others follow”.

 This Classic pedestal raised the bar in the marina services industry introducing attractive, service segregated and an easy maintainable pedestal where wooden posts and boxes had gone before. The Rolec Classic pedestal is now the world’s best-selling utility pedestal with well over 50,000 units currently in service worldwide.

It is also the most copied pedestal with many unimaginative companies choosing to simply emulate Rolec’s creative skills rather than design their own products.


Another example of the Rolec design team’s creative abilities and success is the creation of the Spinnaker pedestal range.

The Spinnaker was designed on a beer mat on a bar balcony in the Bahri bar at the Mina Al Salam hotel in Dubai. Directors Kieron and Holly were having a well-earned beer after another day at the Dubai Boat Show and decided this was the time to introduce a new and ground-breaking service pedestal to our range.

After a couple of ideas, they both looked out of the balcony and there, right in front of them, was the Burj Al-Arab Hotel illumiinated in all its glory. A couple of beer mats and sketches later and the Spinnaker was born. 

The beer mats were passed on to our design team and some 7 years later, we have thousands of Spinnaker pedestals operating on marinas on every continent in the world.


We believe the Baliza pedestal is a work of art and another breakthrough pedestal design. In conjunction with a specialist design company, our own design team created a revolutionary new concept that allows electricity and water to be offered in the same pedestal which safely maintains their total independence from each other.

A Baliza pedestal consists of three separate compartments, each having its’ own separate service and cable / pipe entry point. The main body of the Baliza pedestal contains the electrical and lighting services, whilst the two stylish side pods independently accommodate the water services. All three compartments can be worked on or maintained individually without the need to enter the other two.

In the event of a water leak, the water will simply run out of the bottom of the water pods and never come into contact with any of the electrical components.


It was Rolec who introduced bespoke units to service Megayachts. The design and introduction of the MegaMaster unit changed the way marina operators serviced their Megayacht berths.

MegaMaster allowed the operator to at last provide the type and size of services needed in a sized, attractive housing. Previously the berth / pontoon area around a Megayacht was far too busy and cluttered with electric boxes, water stand pipes, TV and telephone communications boxes, sanitation pump-out housing and light posts. Now all of these services are provided in a a single unit known as MegaMaster, thanks again to the Rolec design team.


The Rolec design team would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have and will produce 3D renders, with a view to creating your very own exclusive and unique service pedestal.


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