New EV products from Rolec include EV: StreetCharge and EV Charge Online.

Quantum EV Pedestal – Offering a blend of flair, quality and value not yet seen in the industry, Quantum has been specifically designed to offer a range of versatile charging solutions for the workplace, commercial and public locations. Key features include a robust anodised aluminium structure, energy efficient LED amenity lighting and Smart integration capability. Quantum also provides the perfect canvas for bespoke colour schemes and corporate branding.

EV: StreetCharge - Developed to offer both electric vehicle charging and street lighting from the same column - ideal for private and public facing solutions. EV: StreetCharge can be supplied as a whole new column or as an upgrade kit to existing street lights - there are thousands of street lights throughout the UK, many of which have sufficient electricity available to also provide electric vehicle charging.

EV Charge Online - Revolutionary public facing EV charge point management system which enables all EV drivers to simply pull up to a charge point and, using their mobile phone, tablet or in-car connectivity, login to the charge point and pay on the spot for its use. Provides unrestricted and open access to all EV drivers via a pay-as-you-go charging solution without having to commit to joining any specific network - therefore avoiding unnecessary fees and connection charges. Hosts do not have to pay license fees and can have a charge point (and revenue stream) installed and operational quickly and easily, just by providing an electricity supply. Can also be quickly and easily retro-fitted into existing public facing charging pedestals manufactured and installed by other companies. 

Smart interactive EV charging solutions for any location - Once installed, these Smart pedestal and wall unit EV charging points automatically connect to the PowerPortal cloud based back office via GPRS and begin relaying charge point information and activity back to the portal - which can then be used for reporting, analysing and preparing statistics.

Rolec's Smart EV charging points provide standard services managed by the back office, in addition to the following features:

- Monitors and reports back the charging start time

- Monitors and reports back the charging end time

- Manages and reports back the kWh consumption

Optional services include:

- Switch charger on via mobile phone

- Switch charger off via mobile phone

- Check kWh consumption via mobile phone

- Check charging status via mobile phone

For more information on Rolec's Smart EV charging range click here

Rolec Quantum EV Charging Pedestal Launch Video

Rolec Quantum EV Charging Pedestal Launch Video


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