Static Connection Units

Rolec Leisure Services offers a huge range of hard-wearing, cost-effective electrical connection and hook-up units specifically designed for the static caravan and residential home park industry. These low-priced units are a result of Rolec’s industry-leading buying power, providing you with: • Consistently competitive prices• Consistent standard products and materials• Immediate access to manufactured products• Immediate access to replacement parts

UnmeteredThe SU1 unit provides a 6amp up to 32amp unmetered supply with combined earth leakage and overload protection. MeteredThe SU2 and SU3 range of units all provide 6amp up to 32amp metered supplies with combined earth leakage and overload protection. Water meteringThe W2 unit provides a metered water supply in a protective enclosure, with meter viewing window and internal pipe insulation. Options include:• Socket outlets or direct connections• Lockable sockets and plugs• Customer reset flaps• IP56/55 weather proof polyester enclosures• Lockable enclosures (SU3 range)• Miniature kWh credit metering• Galvanised steel mounting posts• TV outlets

WallPodWallPod is a revolutionary new product specifically designed to offer the ultimate in home outdoor utility services.

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  • Enclosure

    IP56 weatherproof polyester enclosures

  • Socket outlets

    6amp to 32amp supplies

  • 30milliamp fault current protection

  • Further options

    MCB / RCD customer reset facility

  • Lockable sockets

  • Meters

  • Direct connections up to 63amp supplies

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