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BerthMaster Online’s Popularity Continues To Grow Worldwide

July 20th 2017

Since its launch just over a year ago, Rolec’s BerthMaster Online marina management system has been drawing huge amounts of interest from all over the world.

The system, which incorporates the latest in mobile phone technology, allows boat owners to manage and pay for their electricity and water services via their mobile phone, tablet or any other web enabled device.  

The technology included within BerthMaster Online comprises of components from industry leaders including Vodafone, Omron and Worldpay, and provides both the marina operator and boat owner with significant extra levels of control over their berth’s electricity and water services.

Rolec’s Operations Director, Holly Brown, commented “We have always been confident that the new BerthMaster Online system would be a success and are delighted with how well received it has been in the marina industry. 

“This new system is yet another world first from Rolec and represents a huge step forward in marina services management and control.

“One of the key features of BerthMaster Online is its ability to allow the marina operator to have full and overall control of the marina’s electricity and water services, whilst enabling the boat owner themselves a new level of independence, visibility and control over their own services account.

“Over recent months BerthMaster has been installed on several marinas throughout the world including projects in Greece, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Bahrain, Seychelles and Dubai with further projects in the pipeline.”

BerthMaster Online enables boat owners using their mobile phone to:

  • Switch on/off their own electricity and water services, eliminating the necessity to visit the marina office
  • Have 24/7 access to their own electricity and water accounts from any location in the world
  • Pay in advance or on account for their electricity and water services via the BerthMaster Online WorldPay payment platform using either Visa, MasterCard, Amex or PayPal
  • Receive email alerts in the event of loss of power or an unauthorised electrical disconnection at their boat

Haslar Marina – The World’s First Mobile Phone Operated Marina

Michael Prideaux, Managing Director of Dean & Reddyhoff Marinas Ltd, commented:

“We wanted to choose a utility system that put the customer experience right at the very heart of the design of the system. 

“We chose BerthMaster Online for two reasons, firstly what we were looking for was a really robust physical infrastructure, the second thing we were looking for was a system that we would confidently know would last us the next 20 years.

“Because technology is moving so quickly we wanted to take a leap ahead and go for the most advanced metering system that was available to us.” 

Michael continued: “The other key feature is of course there is no need to read the meters ever again. The system has been so well designed; it is so slick that it is transforming both the customer experience and the operational side for us. 

“I am very confident that this will be the go to product for the next 10 years, I can’t see anything else on the market that is available getting close to it.”

For more information about the BerthMaster Online system:

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