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Rolec Launch New Elegant Polyethylene FIN Service Pedestal

February 22nd 2018

UK based marina services specialist Rolec have launched a new service pedestal range called FIN.

According to reports the new FIN pedestal will represent another leap forward in marina services solutions, with Rolec once again pushing the boundaries of flare and creativity - something the company have become well known for over the years.

The FIN pedestal introduces long clean slender lines and a classic elegance, accentuated by a highly imaginative lighting theme.

Kate Broom, Rolec’s International Sales Manager, commented: “For almost 30 years Rolec has been at the forefront of the world’s marina services industry, continually investing, developing and pioneering the introduction of innovative new technologies and solutions.

“Our new FIN pedestal range once again raises the industry bar. The FIN, along with Rolec’s other marina pedestal ranges, features complete electricity, water and lighting segregation. It also introduces a unique thermos-encapsulating fixing point system, further enhancing the method and importance of complete segregation.”

Kate continued: “Other unique features of FIN include its amazing cathedral-style twin lighting design which subtly illuminates the electricity and water services, offering both a sense of grandeur and elegance as well as achieving its primarily function - which is to safely light the marina walkways.

“Along with its graceful eye-catching design, my favourite FIN pedestal feature has to be the spectacular new secondary ornate lighting option.

“This innovative lighting feature introduces a new dimension to marina illumination and enables us to offer our clients a variety of computer controlled, on-demand lighting effects never before seen in our industry.”

Some of the co-ordinated marina-wide lighting displays already available via FIN include :

  • Twinkling Star - offering a touch of theatre and glamour to any marina
  • Colour Maze - a synchronised, low ambient colour changing canopy
  • Light Show - provides a subtle, yet entertaining, programmable light display

Kate commented: “Intentionally we have placed a lot of emphasis on the FIN’s modern streamlined appearance and its dramatic lighting solutions, yet have maintained Rolec’s high standards of engineering essentials - such as UV stability, ingress protection certification and impact resistance, in order to guarantee the pedestal’s strength, durability and longevity.”

The FIN range also offers an SOS pedestal, a sanitation pump-out pedestal, and electric vehicle charging pedestal.

  • For further details about Rolec’s new FIN pedestal range call 01205 724754 or email:

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