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FIN - Polyethylene Pedestals

The latest addition to Rolec's marina services range, FIN, is an elegant Polyethylene pedestal which sees Rolec once again pushing the boundaries of flare and creativity.

The FIN pedestal introduces long clean slender lines and a classic elegance, accentuated by a highly imaginative lighting theme. It features complete electricity, water and lighting segregation, while introducing a unique thermos-encapsulating fixing point system - further enhancing the method and importance of complete segregation.

Other unique features of FIN include its amazing cathedral-style twin lighting design which subtly illuminates the electricity and water services, offering both a sense of grandeur and elegance as well as achieving its primarily function of safely lighting marina walkways.

Along with graceful eye-catching design the FIN pedestal also features a spectacular new secondary ornate lighting option, enabling Rolec to offer clients a variety of computer controlled, on-demand lighting effects never before seen in the industry.

In addition to a service pedestal, the FIN range also incorporates an SOS pedestal, a sanitation pump-out pedestal, and electric vehicle charging pedestal.


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