Classic - Galvanised Steel Pedestals

The Rolec Classic pedestal is the world’s most popular marina service pedestal, having been in service for over 25 years with well over 150,000 sold worldwide.

The internal heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanised steel chassis makes the Classic pedestal extremely strong, while the choice of external skins, which come in the form of stainless steel, aluminium, Foamex or composite, make the pedestal durable and easily maintained.

The Classic pedestal range is available in a variety of sizes and offers LED lighting as well as limitless electrical and water outlet connotations.

The Classic pedestal range can also accommodate a variety of additional service options, such as TV, telephone and data outlets, hosepipes and hooks, locking/security facilities, metering, and Rolec’s industry leading utility management systems.

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  • Sizes available

    500 mm / 750 mm / 850mm / 1000mm

  • Models

    Standard / Midi / Maxi

  • Internal chassis

    Heavy duty hot-dipped galvanized steel

  • Outer body materials

    UV stabilized, stainless steel (brushed, polished)

  • Colours

    Almost unlimited

  • Electrical services

    16amp / 32amp / 63amp / 125amp / 250amp in both single and three phase

  • Other services

    Water / metering / TV / Telephone / Data points

  • Lighting options

    PL9 watt compact fluorescent / 16 watt 2D compact fluorescent / 4 x 1 watt LED lights

  • Management systems

    Computer control / Smartcard control / Coin or Token control

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