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Emergency Services

One of the most important roles of any marina operator is to ensure the safety of the customer.

Rolec now offers its most comprehensive range of emergency service equipment suitable for almost every location and application. From simple first aid kits and economy emergency stations through to sophisticated fire-fighting apparatus including fire hydrants and the Rolec-designed mobile Fire Caddy, Rolec has a solution for you.

Emergency Service Pedestals

Rolec manufactures a range of free-standing emergency service pedestals that can be furnished with your choice of equipment including first aid kits, fire extinguishers, lifebuoys, fireman’s axes, tamper alarms, Xenon beacons and SOS signs amongst others.

These pedestal ranges include the Classic and Quantum, and are available in a variety of colours, materials and equipment combinations to suit your individual requirements and obligations.

Life buoys

Life buoys complete with attached floating throwing rope can either be provided on emergency service pedestals or alone on a dedicated life buoy stand.

Fire extinguishers A full range of fire extinguishers is available in a variety of different pedestals, housings and wheeled trolleys.

Fire hydrants Rolec manufactures a comprehensive range of fire hydrant systems which can be adapted to suit customer or local fire authority requirements.

Alarm points A range of break glass activated alarm points is available that can be equipped with red warning lights and sirens and attached to any of the emergency service stations, pedestals and panels.

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