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EV Charging

5 Ways Monta Can Help you EV Better

Chloe Sharp

20 November 2023 at 13:58:22

To support our partnership with Monta, we wanted to introduce you to some of the key features they offer to help manage your new (or old) EV charge points.

On top of being the leading choice for charger management, Monta have a MONTAin of features. Ranging from security and compliance to more bespoke management solutions like smart queue and car integration. In fact, they have so many features that we really struggled to narrow them down for this blog.

So, if you’ve just introduced EV charging to your business, or if you’re looking to teach an old charger new tricks, have a read and see what your charger has to offer you.

1. Smart Booking

Imagine this: you’re on your way home from a work trip, it’s been a long day and you want to get home before the school-run in the morning, but your battery warning light starts flashing. Frantically, you get your friend to look for the nearest charge point, you think you’re going to make it but you’re cutting it tight. Finally, after playing chicken with your mileage, you make it to the charger only to find out someone else is already using it!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could’ve planned for this exact scenario? (I think you know where we’re going with this.) With Monta you can. Book a charger in advance and soothe your charging anxiety.

2. Roaming

Petrol companies wouldn’t say no to advertising themselves at every opportunity, so why do we seem to do this with EV charging? Electric vehicle charge points can be a great way to generate passive income for businesses of all sizes, but this job is made a lot harder when people don’t even know how to find you.

Monta doesn’t gatekeep access to EV charging. Their roaming feature puts your charge point on the map, literally, making it visible across platforms and apps so that it’s even easier to find a charger.

This is an optional feature.

3. Smart Queuing

In truly British fashion for a Danish company, Monta has also managed to revolutionise queueing. Offering an intelligent system which allocates electric vehicles to charge points as and when they become available.

No more patrolling up and down a car park waiting for a charger to free up, you can join the waiting list for a site, check out your estimated wait time, and get notified when your spot opens up. How very civilised.

4. Car Integration

Personally, car integration sounds a little bit like a scientific trial of car-human hybrid technology. Maybe. Or if you’ve spent considerably less time watching sci-fi movies than me, you might have gathered that car integration has more to do with chargepoint management than babies with windscreen wipers.

Connect your car and get live updates on your charge percentage via the Monta app. Whether you’re plugged in via a charging cable or already charging.

5. Sponsored Charge Point

Companies are becoming a lot more flexible about where people choose to do their job and working from home seems to have become a permanent part of our vocabulary. But when the office no longer becomes the place to be, it can be harder for companies to reimburse employees for the mileage (or charging) of their company vehicles.

With the help of Monta, car chargers, like companies, are no longer limited by the office. Employees can charge their electric vehicles at home using their company account by using the sponsored charge point feature. The best part? Monta creates a single monthly bookkeeping item for at-home charging expenses.

Make sure to select your company vehicle when you start the charge!

To learn more about our range click here -

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