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EV Charging

A complete nationwide EV chargepoint installation course, delivered by Rolec, Universal Skills Group & EV-comply

12 December 2023 at 11:07:34

Electric vehicle registrations are rising rapidly at a rate like never before and as a result, both drivers and businesses are in need of EV chargepoints to recharge their private/fleet vehicles. So, we’ve partnered with industry leaders in EV chargepoint training, Universal Skills Group and chargepoint installation software providers, EV-comply to deliver nationwide EV chargepoint training courses to up-skill the UK’s current network of electrical contractors.

This dedicated course will ensure that electrical contractors are provided with a comprehensive training experience for chargepoint installations. Training on Rolec’s charging products, electrical contractors will gain first-hand experience of how to install a chargepoint and the processes within. What’s more, the contractors will also learn more about Rolec’s smart systems such as HomeSmart and VendElectric, allowing electrical contractors to diversify their portfolios to meet the requirements of both domestic and commercial chargepoint installations.  Electrical contractors will also benefit from learning more about the OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) grant funding available to them as well as leave the course with Rolec’s literature for further understanding of its product offering. Universal Skills Group have now successfully upskilled over 500 electrical contractors to install electric vehicle charging points across various types of locations. With this course, the aim is to deliver a nationwide opportunity to enable more and more electrical contractors to join us in the EV revolution.

Once the chargepoint installation training element of the course is completed, electrical contractors will also experience a walk-through of the leading EV-comply app, which allows electrical contractors to eliminate the paperwork associated with chargepoint installations. Electrical contractors will be provided with information and tutorials regarding the app, such as the ability to monitor the live progress of installs; seamless form filling for the OZEV grant funding and much more.

PLUS, when completing the EV chargepoint installation course, electrical contractors will save the £120 registration fee for when signing up to EV-comply - even more of a reason to sign up to the course!

To view Universal Skill Group’s EV Chargepoint Training course and to find out how you can benefit form attending, please visit:

For more information on dates and locations for the nationwide EV chargepoint training course, please contact:

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