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EV Charging

EV Charging Opportunities for Electrical Contractors

14 June 2024 at 07:59:08

So, you’ve heard all about the benefits of electrical vehicles for the planet, but how can this new boom in green transport be positive for you as an electrical contractor? Let us explain.

By increasing your portfolio to include EV chargepoint installation you open your business up to a larger customer base. When you first think of EVs, your mind might initially jump to homeowners and individuals, and although this is a demographic that has really championed the electric vehicle movement, there is an even bigger industry driving the transition to net zero.

The fleet industry is where the real growth will be seen. In fact, according to recent data produced by Samsara, ‘‘more than half of fleets operating 150-plus vehicles expect to have a hybrid or fully electric fleet by 2025’’.

This growth is being further catapulted by supportive government grants (such as the Workplace Charging Scheme for state-funded education institutions and The Infrastructure Grant for staff and fleets), progressive regulations (for example, Part S) and the growing demand for public charging infrastructure to support the EV driver on-the-go. All of which provides you with an ever-growing customer stream.

Increased demand for EVs makes it a reliable source of income now and in the future, with the benefit of offering annual maintenance packages with installations. There are currently over one million electric vehicles registered in the UK, and this isn't showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. As these numbers continue to rise, charging infrastructure must grow to meet demand and installers are needed to make it happen.

Smaller companies may be hesitant due to the initial costs, but thanks to organisations like Wattif EV, for example, fully funded, part funded, and subscription solutions are available to businesses that are looking to introduce EV charging but don’t have the upfront capital to implement it.

Being aware of these opportunities as an installer means you can offer fully funded and managed EV chargepoints to clients who are unsure about the cost of installing chargepoint infrastructure and unsure of chargepoint management.

Of course, there are still also the environmental benefits of becoming an EV chargepoint installer. Not only will you be growing your business and championing environmental change as an individual, you are also making it possible for other businesses to meet their sustainability goals. Something that has become increasingly more important over the last 10 years.

If you’re interested in adding EV chargepoint installation to your repertoire, Rolec offers exclusive training courses to contractors at our custom-built training academy in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, as well as regional events. Work with us to become a Rolec Approved Installer Partner.

Become a Rolec EV Approved Installation Partner

We have created three tailored industry training courses for electrical contractors to get you set up and ready to provide better EV charging installations to your customers. Each course provides you with vital information on a different element of the electric vehicle industry.

Course 1: EV Chargepoint Installer: Industry & Product

The first course, ‘EV Chargepoint Installer: Industry & Product Training’, is packed full of statistics and analytical data geared at providing you with all the knowledge needed to become a beacon of information for prospective clients, as well as 4 CPD accredited training hours. Giving you the power to tailor recommendations to homeowners looking to include EV charging for their own personal vehicle, and businesses of all sizes looking to introduce or reinforce their charging networks.

Course 2: Technical Training Masterclass

Our second bespoke course is a masterclass of ‘Technical Training’ with our on-site engineers and training managers. Offering you practical training in our custom-built product training area, giving you hands-on experience installing and configuring our entire range of chargepoints under the supervision of our dedicated training team. The course will cover both physical installation and back-office management, with a deeper insight into the MONTA management software. As well as fault finding, commissioning and valuable product insights.

Course 3: Sales & Marketing Workshop

To finish, we have introduced the ‘Sales and Marketing’ workshop, which tackles all things social media and lead generation. This course guides you on how to promote your business through installation photos and videos and how to use social media as an asset for building client trust and helping you to grow a portfolio of work to generate more leads.

Through the combination of all three of these courses you can enter the world of EV charging well prepared for whatever it throws at you. You can book your place on one or more courses at our next training day led by contacting Allan Ross, our Contractor Relations and Training Manager.

We offer businesses the opportunity to book on to an intensive all-day training session that will cover all three of our courses. So that you are equipped with all the knowledge needed to propel your business forwards as you take on a new challenge and expand your skill set.

The inclusion of these training courses is part of our wider goal to increase the support and resources we offer to contractors. As part of this initiative, we are also expanding our technical services, doubling the size of our tech department, and implementing weekly product training and refresher courses, as well as encouraging our installer customers to reach out with feedback and advice to help us improve our services in the future.

Rolectrified Training hits the road to Brighton, following huge success in Glasgow and Manchester! RSVP to join us at our upcoming installer event 'Rolectribright'.

Or to find out more about the support Rolec offers to installers, contact Allan Ross, Contractor Relations and Training Manager. 

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