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EV Charging

NEW! 4way Quantum:EV!

12 December 2023 at 11:07:19

Charging four vehicles simultaneously, increasing electric vehicle driving visitor footfall.

Electric vehicle registrations are only set to increase, meaning that there is an existing and future requirement for the deployment of EV charging infrastructures across UK destinations. That is why we have introduced the 4way Quantum:EV, enabling four electric vehicles to recharge simultaneously, using just one EV charging pedestal.

The 4way Quantum:EV is available in its standard free-to-use format, or its OCPP compliant format via Rolec’s OpenCharge range; both versions are equipped with four 7.2kW Type 2 charging sockets, complete with security hatch locks. The free-to-use format is ideally suited for businesses seeking to offer free charging facilities to their employees and visitors, offering a plug-and-play solution. The OCPP compliant variation is perfect for businesses seeking to offer electric vehicle charging facilities at a cost, enabling the business to generate additional revenue and potential profits in the future. Both formats provide businesses and organisations with a cost-effective electric vehicle charging solution, saving on installation time and costs compared to installing two 2way Quantum:EV charging pedestals.

Handcrafted using durable and high precision anodised aluminium, the 4way Quantum:EV provides a long-lasting electric vehicle charging solution for the future of electrified transport. Complete with its unique 360 degree low energy louvered LED lighting head, the 4way Quantum:EV ensures that electric vehicle drivers can easily locate the charging point during the darker hours. Slender and sleek, the 4way Quantum:EV is also the perfect canvas for bespoke branding requirements, allowing businesses and organisations to make their mark on their electric vehicle charging point.

When opting for the 4way Quantum:EV OpenCharge (OCPP compliant option), businesses can benefit from the integration of Rolec’s smart back-office management system, VendElectric, enabling them to completely control and manage their own electric vehicle charging network. VendElectric allows businesses to understand chargepoint consumption data; download analytical reports; set chargepoint user tariffs; benefit from over the air firmware updates and much more. Businesses also have the option to utilise VendElectric’s electrical load management feature; a system that enables businesses to maximise their chargepoint potential on restricted supplies. This feature is specifically designed for installations where the electricity feed capacity is insufficient to fully power all charge points at once, intelligently allocating the available power across the chargepoint network to best satisfy real-time demand. Using the 4way Quantum:EV OpenCharge is as easy as 1,2,3; simply pull up, plug in and activate a charging session using either the VendElectric driver app on a smart device and/or tap an assigned RFID card/fob.

The 4way Quantum:EV offers the ideal electric vehicle charging solution for businesses seeking to welcome a greater number of EV driving customers to their destination, or for businesses who are looking to deploy charging infrastructure to support their company’s fleet electrification plans.

Learn more about the NEW! 4way Quantum:EV - Click here

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