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EV Charging

One Charger, Two Outlets, Unlimited Style

12 December 2023 at 11:08:13

Whilst the world has been busy adapting to the new life of plug-in vehicles and charging infrastructures, we’ve been busy working away behind the scenes on something new and now the countdown is officially over.

We’re super pleased to announce the launch of Zura; a sleek, innovative electric vehicle charger, that has been designed and manufactured to suit both commercial and domestic charging requirements. A game-changing product, that’s complete with never-seen-before personalisation, packed with the most wanted smart features, whilst presenting the choice of either a single or dual outlet. The Zura brings you a more aesthetically pleasing charger that can be activated with either an RFID card or smart device.

One of Zura’s many features is that it has a customisable fascia, giving you free rein on what goes on the front of your electric vehicle chargepoint. Whether it’s your favourite place, your company logo, or an image of your pet, the choice is entirely yours.

This unit has been proudly designed and manufactured in the UK and fully complies with the latest Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 which come into force from the 30th of June & 30th of December 2022.

Zura for the home

The Zura, is one of our most intelligent home charging solutions to date and is packed with all your most-wanted smart charging features. For households with more than one plug-in vehicle or simply wanting to future-proof, the Zura, is available in a single or double outlet model, providing a cost-effective solution by eliminating the requirement of an extra chargepoint.

It is important to note that the Zura is complete with automatic dynamic load balancing and built-in TruePEN PME fault detection, that ensures the homes fuse is protected whilst providing a safe charging solution, without the requirement for an earth electrode/rod. Plus, to save on installation time and costs, this unit has an independent back plate.

Not only is this unit compatible with all EVs and PHEVs, eligible for OZEV grant funding and charges ten times faster than a standard domestic socket, it also provides an easy, seamless charging experience, allowing drivers to charge their vehicles by using an app or RFID card. Users can benefit from smart features, such as the ability to integrate with any major UK energy supplier; tariff driven charging; Alexa voice control; solar compatibility; locking of the charger and much more!

You can count on the Zura to provide you with the ultimate charging experience.

Zura for the workplace

The beauty of the Zura is that it is suitable for both domestic and workplace use, being OCCP compliant means it can connect to any app or smart back-office management system in the world, including our very own, VendElectric. Again, business owners will be presented with the choice of either a single or dual outlet model, that’s complete with universal socket(s) offering charging speeds of up to 7.2kW or 22kW. Equipped with both TruePEN PME fault detection and dynamic load balancing, this electric vehicle charger provides simultaneous charging of up to two vehicles. Our bespoke branding service enables businesses to express their corporate identity through having their logo or branding feature on the fascia.

Whilst Zura may be the perfect space-saving solution due to being a wall-mounted unit, it is also cost-effective and OZEV approved allowing businesses to benefit from grant funding towards the purchase and installation of the chargepoint. On top of this, VendElectric allows businesses to set their own charging tariffs that not only generate additional revenue but also provide a quick return on the initial investment of the chargepoint.

By opting to integrate with our smart back-office management system, VendElectric, you’ll also benefit from visibility of real-time charging activity; analytic feedback; electrical load management; over-the-air updates and more! All which ensures seamless charging for both CPO and the user.

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