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The revolutionary ultra-fast charging station, The UFC 200

12 December 2023 at 11:07:33

As the requirement for ultra-fast rapid charging stations increases due to the proliferation of electric vehicle adoption, we are excited to be working alongside businesses and organisations to support the nation’s ultra-fast rapid charging network. Get to know our UFC 200, the upgradeable ultra-fast rapid charging station which provides a future-proof and scalable rapid charging solution for both public and private (workplace fleet) requirements. 

The Delta UFC 200 is a super-efficient, rapid electric vehicle charging station. This ultra-fast charging station can be upgraded from its 50kW entry level configuration without ever having to change the original unit. This can allow businesses to significantly reduce their initial capital investment, saving over fifty percent on the purchase costs. Then, when necessary, you can seamlessly add light-weight kW power modules to the unit, 12.5kW at a time until it reaches its maximum speed of 200kW. Opting for the UFC 200 configured to 50kW allows you to slowly increase the power to the unit and maximise your investment, all whilst spreading out the cost. 

The UFC 200 ultra-fast rapid charger is suitable for locations such as carparks, petrol stations, workplaces, or any public area, seeking to begin their EV charging provision. Just the one electric vehicle charging station can charge up to four vehicles at one time, allowing businesses to welcome more visitors to their destination to use their charging network. Businesses can choose their own combinations of connectors to suit their to ensure that every EV driver can recharge their vehicles, allowing businesses to mix and match the AC and DC outputs to their own requirements.  

There are endless opportunities available for your business with the UFC 200 ultra-fast rapid charging station, being a part of the EV revolution being one, but there is also a possibility to generate revenue with this EV charger - an opportunity not to miss out on! The formats “free to charge” or “pay to charge” provides you with flexibility, for example to allow free to use charging for your EV driving employees or to charge any visitors on site by simply setting your own customizable tariffs. This can be monitored and controlled though any OCCP back-office management system in the world or our very own, VendElectric. Our management system VendElectric, allows you to see live activity of your electric vehicle charging points, CO2 savings and your business revenue summary - all at the click of a button. 

With the UFC 200 rapid charging station, electric vehicle drivers can activate charging sessions by using the VendElectric app; their assigned RFID card/fob; contactless payment methods via major credit/debit cards as well Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Charging with the UFC 200 couldn’t be easier!

An exciting feature coming to the UFC 200 ultra-fast rapid charging station is EV roaming; allowing drivers with vehicle manufacturer specific RFID cards/fobs to activate charging sessions with a simple tap. This feature will allow for a seamless charging network and experience for EV drivers, whilst increasing revenue potential by allowing any EV driver to charge their vehicles with the UFC 200. (Please note that this feature will be added to the UFC 200 via remotely, without the requirement for manual alterations). 

Offering your business, a simple, effortless, charging station with the UFC 200. 

For more on our UFC 200:

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