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EV Charging

VendElectric… Keeping the power of your chargepoints in your hands

12 December 2023 at 11:07:24

The discussion of businesses and organisations electrifying their fleets and deploying low emission vehicles across workplaces is a very hot topic in the world right now, even more so now after the COP26 summit that has just taken place amongst world leaders with clean transport being made a clear priority to focus on. The uptake of electric vehicles has become increasingly popular over the last few years and a lot more businesses in recent months are now also opting for more cost effective, sustainable transport for daily working operations. To support businesses and fleets electrify, here at Rolec we manufacture the UK’s largest range of AC fast and DC rapid electric vehicle chargepoints, all which can be integrated to our smart back-office management system, VendElectric.

For businesses and organisations that are unexperienced with electric vehicles or charging infrastructures it can be very daunting when you first make the transition and is certainly a concept that requires research for further understanding. Whether you are installing an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for your workplace, fleet, or public destinations, it is important to integrate your chargepoints to a back-office management system, so you can maximise investment on your infrastructure and deliver reliable, consistent charging.

VendElectric provides businesses and organisations with a unique electric vehicle charging platform that enables them to manage and operate their chargepoints without the considerable expenses involved in developing their own back-office management system. By opting to integrate your chargepoints with VendElectric, both chargepoint operator and user can encounter seamless charging with a whole variety of benefits and features.

Smart Reporting & Analytical Feedback

Businesses can benefit from being able to observe real-time chargepoint activity and monitor energy usage, which allows you to understand charging behaviours and patterns by fleet drivers or other users. Historical data and monthly reports can be easily accessed and exported, so you have a clear overview to understand whether further infrastructures are required or not.

Generate Revenue

VendElectric provides your business/ organisation the potential to earn additional revenue by implementing customisable tariffs; this means you can retrieve the costs that were involved in purchasing and installing your electric vehicle chargepoints in the future! When implementing chargepoint user tariffs, your business also has the potential to generate profits, particularly now that the number of EV drivers are increasing; as EV drivers increase in numbers, so does the requirement to recharge.  With VendElectric, you also have the flexibility and freedom to change your tariffs whenever you like at a price that suits your business model. Some businesses will opt for a free to charge format for their employees and opt for a pay to charge format for their visitors; the options are endless and completely a choice of the business with what they desire to charge for their chargepoint users.

Electrical Load Management

A feature desired by those who are deploying multiple electrical vehicle chargepoints to their premises is VendElectric’s “Electrical Load Management”. This is where the power required from the chargepoints for example may be greater than the electrical supply, it balances the electrical load to ensure all charging facilities are available to always use. VendElecrtric’s Electrical Load Management feature ensures that businesses can maximise their chargepoints’ potential on restricted supplies.

When you initially install electric vehicle chargepoints to your workplace, you might be concerned over how accessible your charging facilities will be for the public to use- VendElectric ensures that your chargepoints are used solely for private use, should you only wish to offer electric vehicle charging to your employees and fleet drivers. Our back-office management system provides you with multiple methods to easily activate your charge sessions including, RFID cards or fobs and smartphones. Fleet managers can also assign RFID cards to each fleet driver, which allows them to monitor and manage who can recharge, as well as understand the driver’s charging behaviour. On top of that, fleet managers can also restrict chargepoints to specific VRM’s (Vehicle Registration Marks).

As mentioned earlier, the electric vehicle driver does also benefit from VendElectric too! Your guests or visitors can enjoy a seamless charging solution that’s easy to operate and use with no hidden fees or unnecessary memberships. By using the chargepoint locator map, the user can locate and navigate available chargepoints to use and last but not least electric vehicle drivers benefit from the comfort of knowing they can pay safely and efficiently with a secure payment platform, such as Visa, Mastercard and JCN.

If you’re a business, fleet or public destination looking for a back-office management system for your charging infrastructure you’ve come to the right place!

To learn more about VendElectric:

Or watch our walk-through video:

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