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EV Charging

What grants are available to Landlords looking to install EV chargers at their properties?

Chloe Sharp

3 May 2023 at 13:36:11

So, you want to install EV chargers at your rental properties but want to know what funding is available to you. If you’re a landlord you get access to not one, but two grants. Lucky you! OZEV introduced both the EV chargepoint and EV infrastructure grants, both of which can be used on the same property, for the sole purpose of encouraging you to install electric vehicle chargers.

As you can probably guess, you can only use these grants if you are applying for a property you aren’t living in, which includes properties that you live in for part of the year and rent out for holidays, and it must be in the UK. And it’s not just flats that can benefit from cost saving, you can also apply if you are renting a house or commercial property. Extra consideration does need to be taken for commercial buildings to make sure that the chargepoint isn’t available to the public but thankfully, this can be successfully managed by most back­-office software.

Parking needs to be off-street, private, clearly defined, accessible and owned by you. You can’t be flinging wires and parts around willy-nilly, if you need access to public or private land you need to prove you have permission before any work can be started.

EV Chargepoint Grant

As the name suggests, the EV Chargepoint Grant relates to funding for the purchase and installation of EV chargepoints. Get up to £350 per socket or 75% off the cost to buy and install.

Those of you that own multiple properties can get funding for up to 200 grants each financial year for residential properties and 100 for commercial. Don’t spend it all in one place though, unless you want to I guess, since you can spread these grants over multiple installations instead of just one.

EV Infrastructure Grant

The EV Infrastructure Grant handles funding for the supporting hardware and, you guessed it, infrastructure for electric vehicle chargepoints to be installed. Think wiring and posts. Depending on the scope of the work you plan on carrying out, there is up to £30,000 available through this grant. Or 75% of the total costs, whichever is less.

Like the EV Chargepoint Grant, there are a number of grants available each financial year (30). However, unlike the EV Chargepoint Grant, each of these grants must be used for different properties and each of those properties must contain multiple dwellings. Since this grant focuses on the wider picture, the requirements also focus on the size of the project. Work must be carried out on at least 5 parking spaces, for example, and the grant is specifically for properties with multiple houses/residences.

Check out our full range of OZEV approved chargepoints -

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