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Bauer Media, Head Office Employee & Visitor Charging

Multimedia conglomerate Bauer Media required electric vehicle charging infrastructure at their Peterborough head office premises to allow both employees and visitors to recharge, combined with the ability to manage and monitor their own charging network.


Design and manufacture bespoke branded 22kW Quantum:EV charging points for the head office car park.

Ensure that pedestals are connected to the EV Charge Online back office management platform, allowing complete freedom of control for each individual charging point.

Allow mobile operated pre-authorised EV charging for employees and PAYG EV charging for visitors to generate additional business revenue.


Supply and installation of the EV charging points across Bauer Media’s Peterborough head office premises.

Connect the EV Charge Online back office management platform to meet all of the features that Bauer Media required.

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Bauer Media

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