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EV Charging points installed at their Offices

Rolec EV charging points were requested by Anglian Water for installation at their offices. The installations required the EV charging points to differentiate between users, i.e. visitors, customers, directors, etc...


Provide an EV charging solution which also allows the implementation of a user-dependent variety of tariffs.

Enable staff to access the EV charging points using one particular payment rate; visitors to the using another and free EV charging to be provided for fleet commercial vehicles.


Install a network of Rolec SecuriCharge:EV, AutoCharge:EV and Quantum:EV charging units across their sites throughout the UK, featuring Rolec’s open EV charging network.

This provided the ideal bespoke solution in order to meet all of the project’s requirements, with the network operating in the form of mobile phone interactive system supported by full back office management.

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Anglian Water

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