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First York, Fleet AC Fast & DC Rapid EV Charging Infrastructure

York’s largest bus operator required a robust and scalable EV charging infrastructure for their new electric buses. This included smart charging via EV Charge Online, allowing for the ability to manage charging activity, historical and real time analytics, vehicle migration and more.


Design, manufacture and install 70+ EV charging points including the AutoCharge:EV and UltraFast DC Rapid Charger, allowing 72 electric buses to charge simultaneously.

Ensure that all charging points operate via EV Charge Online, enabling operators to run a smart charging network.

Ensure charging points only charge First York’s fleet of electric buses and charging points to not be accessible for the public.


Supply and install EV charging points across First York’s car park.

Connect full EV Charge Online back office management functionality, ensuring that a future-proof and scalable solution is in place for further electrification.

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