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Major Housing Development - Battersea Power Station

Rolec EV charging points were installed as part of £9billion Battersea Power Station project in central London.


Develop a 500 strong EV chargepoint network enabling residents to use their personal security/access RFID card to initiate any EV chargepoints. EV charging usage data is then sent to the client’s back office.

A key feature for this project was enabling the EV driver to use the Rolec RFID card to not only manage EV chargepoints, but also to use them for controlling car park access barriers, lifts, security access, etc.

Introduce an Electricity Load Management system due to limited power availability.

Work with the constraints of the site’s logistics and procurement patterns.


Install Rolec’s EV back office management system in conjunction with twin SecuriCharge:EV Scope Textunits, whilst incorporating RFID readers, customer data displays and bespoke Load Management software.

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