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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Since the first hospital buildings were built on the site in 1909 and the formal creation of North Middlesex Hospital in 1921, they have been diligently providing medical care to the people of North London. Now, 100 years later, 350,000 people living in Enfield, Haringey and the surrounding area rely on them for their hospital care.

Hospitals are some of the most future-focused industries there are. Constantly adapting to the environment and always developing new solutions to emerging problems. North Middlesex University Hospital is no different, championing breakthrough technology and most recently, in 2021, adopting the Government’s vaccination rollout, alongside other NHS hospitals, to help the nation in an immense time of need.

In this spirit of development, they have decided to expand their offerings to include on-site charging for electric vehicles. Supporting the government on the journey to Net Zero. Something which, here at Rolec, we were happy to help with.


At North Middlesex Hospital they’ve spent so long focused on the health of people. This new initiative, however, champions the health of the planet. Supporting decarbonisation by including EV infrastructure into their newest building project.

When talking to representatives at the hospital about their mission to go green, we outlined a few of their primary concerns:

• Since the install was part of their new car park, it needed to be compliant with the Government’s new Part S regulations.
• North Middlesex hospital has a high volume of visitors daily, so charging infrastructure needed to support this and provide adequate facilities to visitors.
• Chargers needed to be easily accessible.


North Middlesex Hospital hosts 23 dual socketed Rolec BasicCharge pedestals with a power output of 7.4kW. Supplying charge to 46 electric vehicle bays in their custom-built parking garage.

The BasicCharge’s LED amenity lighting met their accessibility requirements since they are easily located by users.

They opted a Smart back-office management solution. Giving them a customised approach to charge point management. Reviewing statistical and analytical data as well as having the power to set variable tariffs for staff and visitors.

Specialists in cardiology, blood disorders, HIV, fertility, diabetes and now, EV charging.

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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

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