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Workplace Charging; Rolec Introduces Smart Chargepoint Solutions to Local IT Company


Lincolnshire-based IT support and consultancy company, SCS, has been operating in the local area for nearly 30 years. And in that time, they have proved themselves as preferred partners in the community. Respected for their personal approach to office IT support.

Combined, the team shares 121 years of combined technical knowledge, providing support to more than 100 regional organisations. Ranging from companies with only 10 workstations all the way to organisations that have 500 workstations operating across numerous locations.


Looking for a local British company to help them on their journey towards lower emissions, SCS reached out to a trusted company that they had been working with for years previously - Rolec.

Expanding on their environmental aims within the office, SCS began embarking on a new initiative in the car park. They have begun to transition towards a fully electric fleet, and currently have a network of company vehicles that are completely PHEVs (plug-in hybrid vehicles).

When building their charging network, SCS had to work alongside the requirements of their already existing electrical systems and were looking for a unit with a small footprint that could accommodate as many vehicles as possible in their restricted space. As well as a sophisticated solution for at-home company charging.

The network needed to be successful on two main fronts. Primarily, it needed to accommodate each employee and visitor’s different arrangements for charging and company reimbursement, which needed to be considered and managed with accurate reporting procedures. And secondly, it needed to achieve this whilst being easy and elegant to use, so staff and visitors could quickly operate the system without causing delay to the working day.


Currently existing infrastructure was not built with EV charging in mind, which means a bespoke solution is often needed to meet a company's required output for vehicle charging while balancing restricted space.

In the case of SCS, they opted for a mixture of 7kW twin Quantum pedestals and wall-mounted WallPod units for their office charging network and the Zura unit for at-home employee charging. The small floor plan and dual charging capacity of the Quantum made them the optimal choice for their smaller car park. And by optimising vertical space with WallPod units, SCS ensured they took advantage of their location’s full EV charging potential.

The entire network will also be powered by Monta, meeting their needs for accurate reporting for individual employee reimbursement as well as allowing them to set variable tariffs for staff and visitors. The combined use of the Monta app and smart cards means employees and visitors can swiftly plug-in, charge and get on with their working day.


The hardware supplied by Rolec has supported SCS in their mission towards more sustainable business practices. Helping to not only meet their green initiatives and support their roll-out of fully EV company vehicles, but also integrating a back-office system that allows for scalability and growth.

Furthermore, by opting to use an OZEV approved installer, they were able to take full advantage of the UK Government's Workplace Charging Scheme, saving them a total of £1750 on the cost of their installation.

“Introducing EVs and PHEVs into our fleet brought concerns and considerations with them. With Rolec; we found answers straight away. A complete solution and platform which combines dependable charging hardware with a super-flexible smart software management system; that even managed to satisfy our most discerning users!” - Ed Lyon, Senior Field Support Engineer at SCS.

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