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  • Chargepoint Management System | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW CHARGEPOINT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The gateway to managing and operating your own charging network An innovative solution allowing businesses to benefit from full control over their chargepoints. CONTACT US FIND A CHARGEPOINT Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure VendElectric Site Structure Chargepoint Management System ENABLING YOU TO & CHARGING NETWORK MANAGE OPERATE YOUR OWN VENDELECTRIC is a unique EV charging platform providing businesses, organisations and similar with the ability to deploy and self manage their very own EV charging network without having to incur any of the significant costs associated with developing a back-office, phone app and secure payment/management platform. READ OVERVIEW VendElectric Platform Seamless charging for both charge point operators and users Customisable Tariffs Operate your charging points via pay-to-charge, free-to-charge or BIK options. For example, you may wish to offer free charging to employees, whilst providing visitors with a pay-to-charge service. Future-proof & Scalable Ability to assign RFID card/fobs to drivers or vehicles which can then be used to authorise charging sessions. There is also the option to restrict chargepoints to specific VRMs (Vehicle Registration Marks), making the ideal solution for fleets. Fleet Management Solutions Assign RFID card/fobs to drivers or vehicles to authorise charging sessions. Also restrict charging point usage to specific VRMs via the app. Automatic Fault Notifications Fault notification feature allows the VENDELECTRIC team to provide support when required. VendElectric Benefits For Your / Business Organisation You’re In Complete Control Unlimited use of an industry leading back-office platform enabling you to have full management and control of your entire EV charging network. Smart Reporting & Analytical Feedback Full visibility of real-time chargepoint activity, monitoring and energy usage all at the click of a button, helping you understand charging behaviours and where further infrastructure is required. You can easily access and export all historic data and reports. Mapped Network Complete mapped overview of your network as well as the ability to group your chargepoints at your premises/sites using the platform’s interface. Optional Electrical Load Management Ideal for locations that require multiple EV charging points where the collective load may be greater than electricity supply. The optional load management feature ensures all charging facilities are available for use. Generate Revenue Immediate revenue stream by simply setting your own EV charging tariffs, with the ability to change as and when you wish to suit your business requirements. The revenue summary page provides you with a clear itemised overview of your generated revenue. Over The Air Software Updates VENDELECTRIC’s OCPP integration enables remote over the air firmware updates ensuring you’re always on the latest version. Deploying charging infrastructure across your business? Take a look at how VendElectric is the best software solution for your charging requirements. VIEW OVERVIEW For The EV Driver Easy To Operate Operate via mobile phone and/or RFID card/fob system, allowing for a seamless charging experience. Secure Payment Platform Pay for the use of charging points safely and efficiently. Chargepoint Locator Map Understand where the chargepoint is located, its status and its availability. No Driver Fees There are no hidden fees, unnecessary charging network membership, subscription or connection fees. Access Driver Charging History Get to know your EV charging activity and behaviour within the tap of a finger. EV CHARGING PRODUCT RANGES WallPod:EV LEARN MORE SecuriCharge:EV LEARN MORE BasicCharge:EV LEARN MORE Quantum:EV LEARN MORE AutoCharge:EV LEARN MORE DC WallBox LEARN MORE UFC 200 LEARN MORE StreetServ:EV LEARN MORE StreetCharge:EV LEARN MORE Titan:EV StreetCharge LEARN MORE

  • FIN PEDESTAL | Rolec Marina Services

    ENQUIRE NOW Home Site Structure Marina Services Site Structure Marina Product Ranges Fin Pedestals Site Structure FIN PEDESTAL Rolec’s Fin Pedestal is the latest edition to the wide range of service pedestals that Rolec offer. The elegant polyethylene pedestal provides an impressive combination of form and function, featuring an eye-catching design. THE FIN PEDESTAL RANGE Manufactured using high quality, impact resistant materials, its long, clean and slender lines encompass separate electric, water and lighting compartments with complete segregation. Its unique, cathedral-style twin lighting design surrounds both sides of the pedestal, subtly illuminating electricity and water systems as well as achieving its primary function of safely lighting marina waterways, providing truly stunning visuals for your visitors. Fin pedestals can be customised and adapted to your taste; with a variety of shell colours, multiple panel material and colour options, Rolec can accommodate a limitless service outlet and management combinations. SUITABLE FOR MARINAS ACCESS BRIDGES PONTOONS BOATYARDS FEATURES KEY INTERNAL ELECTRIC, WATER & LIGHTING SEGREGATION STRONG & DURABLE UV STABILISED LED ILLUMINATION IK10 IMPACT RESISTANT CE CERTIFIED SPECIFICATIONS Materials High Impact Medium Density Polyethylene Dimensions (W) 422.1mm x (H) 1523mm x (D) 292.1mm IP Rating IK10 BS EN 62262:2002 Typical AVG Weight 25-35kg Overload & Fault Current Protection MCBs IEC 60898-1 | RCD or RCBO BS EN IEC 61009-1 DATASHEETS MSDS-0003 Fin Pedestal > Need help with your marina or waterfront destinations? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 ENQUIRE NOW ELEGANT POLYETHYLENE PEDESTALS OPTIONAL EXTRAS TV, telephone and data outlets Electric and water metering Panel colours and materials Switching and control Heat trace tape Branding vinyls LED Lighting Shell colours MARINA SERVICES RELATED PRODUCT RANGES Quantum Pedestals LEARN MORE Classic Pedestals LEARN MORE MegaMaster LEARN MORE PRODUCT CODES MFIN0010 MFIN0020 MFIN0030 MFIN0040 MFIN0100

  • Hook-Up Accessories | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW HOOK-UP ACCESSORIES Home Site Structure Caravan Hook-Ups Site Structure Site Structure Caravan Products Hook-Up Accessories Hook-Up Accessories The buying power within allows us to bulk buy directly from component manufacturers’ assembly lines therefore enabling us to offer the lowest possible prices for all accessories. Rolec Services Ltd ​ Our headquarters in Boston, Lincolnshire, incorporates two huge warehouses which at all times are fully stocked with hundreds of thousands of electrical components compatible with all of the products manufactured by the divisions within Rolec Services Ltd. ​ These are also available directly to the electrical trade regardless of whether they purchase manufactured goods from the Rolec Services. ​ Due to our warehousing facilities, we are usually able to despatch accessories within 48 hours and always try to fulfil orders the next day where possible. Plugs Couplers Sockets Inlets Adaptors Extension leads Power cables MCBs RCDs RCBOs Isolators Smartcard MID approved Meters MID metered Kilowatt hour meters Water meters Photo cells LEDs Hose reels Power cables Water taps Valves and many more The Caravan Hook-Up Accessories range includes: Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US CARAVAN HOOK-UPS PRODUCT RANGES Classic Touring Pedestals LEARN MORE Direct Connection Units LEARN MORE High Level Street Light LEARN MORE Hook-Up Connection Units LEARN MORE Mains & Distribution Units LEARN MORE Quantum Touring Pedestals LEARN MORE Sauro LED Light LEARN MORE WallPod Hook-Up Connection Units LEARN MORE

  • Home Charging | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW INTRODUCING WALLPOD : EV HOMESMART Fully Installed From just £445 * (inc. VAT) Save up to £350 - OLEV Grant Funding, Find out how... ENQUIRE NOW EV PRODUCT RANGES Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure For EV Drivers Site Structure Home Charging The WallPod:EV HomeSmart is a home electric vehicle charging point, allowing EV drivers to control and manage their charging behaviour and activity. Compatible with all EV/PHEV models, the WallPod:EV HomeSmart enables electric vehicle drivers to operate their charging within the tap of a finger. The user interacts with the charging point via their mobile phone or tablet using the free ev.energy app. ENQUIRE NOW WHY CHOOSE A ROLEC HOMESMART EV CHARGING POINT? FEATURES KEY GRANT FUNDABLE SAFETY IN THE HOME CERTIFIED 3 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED FREE MANUFACTURED IN THE UK MOBILE APP CONTROLLED SMART CHARGING IP RATED & UV STABILISED STYLISH & INTUITIVE DESIGN The :EV is a cost effective and stylish electric vehicle charger, available in a range of colours and fitted with the latest smart technology which can be integrated with any smart mobile phone. Each charger has a built-in modem and GPRS SIM card which automatically and securely connects over the Vodafone (or other) mobile phone network to a smart charging back-office platform. WallPod HomeSmart POWERFUL SMART CHARGING APP The :EV charging app automatically captures off-peak rates by smart charging your car and instantly integrates any home energy tariff. It’s the easy way to save money and reduce your carbon emissions when charging your EV. WallPod HomeSmart’s Easy to use and easy to set up, our app gives you full control over your EV charging. Thinking of getting a Smart Home EV charging point? Download the ev.energy app today and explore all the great ways you can control the new :EV from your smart device. WallPod HomeSmart It’s FREE to download now. FEATURES HOMESMART EV GPRS CONNECTIVITY ANALYTICS & INSIGHTS SECURE COMMUNICATIONS EXPORTABLE CHARGING DATA kWh METERING OPTIMISES YOUR CHARGE WITH ENERGY TARIFF & RENEWABLES Would you like to know more information? Am I Eligible for this £350 OLEV EVHS Grant? ENQUIRE NOW HOMESMART EV compatible with Under the OLEV grant we can offer the following EV charging points Want to find more information about OLEV Grant Funding Schemes? LEARN MORE WallPod HomeSmart : EV Type 2, Mode 3, 3.6kW (16A) / 7.2kW (32A) Socketed Charge Points. Fully installed from £445* (inc. VAT) VIEW DATASHEET WallPod HomeSmart : EV Type 1, Mode 3, 3.6kW (16A) / 7.2kW (32A) Tethered Charge Points. Fully installed from £515* (inc. VAT) VIEW DATASHEET WallPod HomeSmart : EV Type 2, Mode 3, 3.6kW (16A) / 7.2kW (32A) Tethered Charge Points. Fully installed from £515* (inc. VAT) VIEW DATASHEET *all prices subject to site survey/site conditions/location of property/location of charging point/OLEV & Rolec Ts & Cs (April 1st, 2020 until further notice) BRAND NEW! O-Pen:EV Consumer Units VIEW MORE WHAT'S INCLUDED The WallPod:EV HomeSmart is simple to order, install and set up. Customers ordering a new charger can enjoy: Installation within 7-10 working days by a Rolec approved installer Simple and easy smart set up with ev.energy (typically <2 minutes) Dedicated software & hardware technical support 3-year hardware warranty 3-year connectivity and support from ev.energy** **At the end of 3 years, customers are free to either continue (charges may apply) or cancel the ev.energy subscription. ROLEC EV T&Cs EASY STEPS TO WALLPOD: SIX EV HOMESMART INSTALLATION 01 Choose Your WallPod Take a look at our EV charging points above, or contact one of our sales team for more information: t: 01205 724754 e: homecharging@rolecserv.co.uk 02 Apply Online Fill out the enquiry form on the website. Confirming you also have a suitable GPRS network signal. 03 Contacting You One of our approved nationwide installation partners will soon be in touch to have a chat and find out your requirements. They may ask you to send some pictures of key locations around your property related to the installation. 04 Confirmation Prior to your installation day, the installer will be in touch again to confirm their arrival time. At this stage you may also be given a request for payment. 05 Installation Today is the day! After running through some checks with you the installer will get down to work. When they have completed the installation they will test your charger and circuit - and provide you with all necessary documentation. 06 Ready To Go Now you are all set up and can charge your EV whenever you wish! Should you experience any problems just contact our Aftersales Technical Support Team on 01205 724754. OLEV Grant Eligibility Am I Eligible for this £350 OLEV EVHS Grant? ENQUIRE NOW EV CHARGING PRODUCT RANGES WallPod:EV LEARN MORE StreetServ:EV LEARN MORE

  • QUANTUM:EV | Rolec EV Charging

    ENQUIRE NOW Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure EV Charging Product Ranges Site Structure Quantum:EV :EV QUANTUM EV OPENCHARGE | FREE-TO-USE The QUANTUM:EV pedestal is a sophisticated and resilient EV charging point, providing a combination of durability and impeccable design, suitable for all locations. Its LED louvered amenity lighting provides locations with a unique aesthetic, as well as enhanced visibility of charge points. VIEW OVERVIEW The QUANTUM:EV Pedestal These ultra-modern pedestals are available in a low cost free-to-charge format, or with OCPP back office compatibility via the EV OpenCharge range, allowing for a pay-to-charge solution using the EV driver’s smartphone and/or via authorise-to-charge RFID card/fob. Compatible with all EVs/PHEVs, the QUANTUM:EV provides Mode 3 fast charging in both 3.6kW and 7.2kW, as well as SuperFast 11kW and 22kW speeds. SUITABLE FOR CAR PARKS WORKPLACES DEVELOPMENT SITES PUBLIC LOCATIONS KEY FEATURES OCPP 1.6 COMPLIANT BRANDING & COLOUR OPTIONS AVAILABLE GRANT FUNDABLE MODELS AVAILABLE LED AMENITY LIGHTING GPRS / ETHERNET CONNECTIVITY IP RATED & UV STABILISED INTERESTED IN EV CHARGING? NEED A CHARGER? Please fill in the form and one of our EV Specialists will get back you ENQUIRE NOW SPECIFICATIONS SUBSTRUCTURE MATERIALS 2.5mm thick, high quality 6063 extruded aluminium with a 25 micron hard anodised protective cosmetic finish MATERIALS Lens: High impact resistant 3mm polycarbonate | Base: High impact resistant, heavy-duty 5mm polycarbonate | Lid: High impact resistant polycarbonate DIMENSIONS 382.5mm (W) 1440mm (H) 262.5mm (D) CHARGE PROTOCOL Mode 3 COMMUNICATIONS *Smart models only - GPRS (Recommended signal strength of 14 CSQ or above) RJ45 ethernet connection DATASHEETS Quantum EV FTU - Data Sheet > Quantum EV FTU SuperFast - Data Sheet > Quantum EV OpenCharge - Data Sheet > Quantum EV OpenCharge SuperFast - Data Sheet > THE UNIQUE & SOPHISTICATED SMART EV CHARGING POINT, SUITABLE FOR ALL BUSINESSES & ORGANISATIONS OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES RFID card/fobs Load Manager system (electrical distribution management) Corporate branding (colours, logo badge, etc.) Galvanised steel ground mounting base Protection barriers Chargepoint signage EV charging cables (Type 1 to Type 2 or Type 2 to Type 2) EV CHARGING RELATED PRODUCT RANGES BasicCharge:EV LEARN MORE AutoCharge:EV LEARN MORE SecuriCharge:EV LEARN MORE

  • Marina Products | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW WORLD LEADERS IN MARINA UTILITY PRODUCTS Home Site Structure Marina Services Site Structure Marina Products MARINA PRODUCTS Service Pedestals LEARN MORE Superyacht Services LEARN MORE Marina Illumination LEARN MORE Emergency Services LEARN MORE Sanitation Pump-Out LEARN MORE Distribution Systems LEARN MORE EV Charging LEARN MORE Marina Accessories LEARN MORE

  • Static Hook-Ups | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW STATIC HOOK-UPS Home Site Structure Caravan Hook-Ups Site Structure Caravan Products Site Structure Static Hook-Ups Static Hook-Ups Offering a wide range of static electric hook-up units, our cost effective products for your destination are designed, manufactured and supplied to provide long-lasting and durable solutions. Rolec’s static electric hook-up units range includes direct connection units and hook-up connection units, making the ideal choice for all campsites, caravan parks, holiday homes and residential parks. UV stabilised, IP rated and multiple sizes available. Optional extras include MID kWh mini meters and smartcard metering. Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US STATIC HOOK-UPS PRODUCT RANGES Direct Connection Units LEARN MORE Hook-Up Connection Units LEARN MORE WallPod Hook-Up Connection Units LEARN MORE

  • Configurator | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW WELCOME TO THE NEW CUSTOMISATION TOOL! WALLPOD : EV 30 Colour Combinations! Choose your favourite?

  • BerthMaster | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW COMPUTER CONTROLLED BERTH SERVICE MANAGEMENT Home Site Structure Marina Services Site Structure Metering & Management Systems Site Structure BerthMaster THE FUTURE OF MARINA ELECTRICITY & WATER SERVICES MANAGEMENT Rolec’s BerthMaster system is without a doubt the industry’s most popular marina utility control system, to date having serviced over 25,000 berths worldwide and provided a reliable, tried and tested solution globally over the past 15 years. BerthMaster is a fully networked electricity and water management system which gives the marina manager full operative remote control directly from the office computer. Complete with individual monitoring of each marina pedestal; full log of historical data; customer database; real time meter readings and more, BerthMaster is the ideal management solution for all destinations. BerthMaster is easy to install, reliable and requires minimal maintenance, offering peace of mind for marina managers. OUR BERTHMASTER CUSTOMERS INCLUDE: MARINA BERTH SERVICE MANAGEMENT • Individual electric and water meter readings direct to the office • Manage user accounts; credit levels, access to services, transaction history • Interactive Dashboard; view of the marina layout, berths occupied, berths available, berth services status and events • Visibility of overall site electric and water consumption RELIABLE, SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE TECHNOLOGY CONNECTIVITY • Wired (Ethernet) marina operator system connectivity Reliability of; industrial grade PLCs, Ethernet and CompoNet data transmission and secure software FEATURES KEY EASY TO USE SOFTWARE ANALYTICAL FEEDBACK MARINA OFFICE MANAGEMENT MARINA ENGINEER RESPONSE MULTI MARINA HQ ELECTRICAL SOCKET AUTO DISCONNECT OPTIONAL EXTRAS • • • • Simple electrical socket and water tap switching on/off from the office PC Marina Management System connectivity (sequel interface) Additional customer interaction facility in the form of keypads or RFID cards Continuous remote system support package Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US PRODUCT RANGES MARINA Classic Pedestals LEARN MORE Fin Pedestals LEARN MORE Quantum Pedestals LEARN MORE Titan Waterfront USB Charging Pedestal LEARN MORE

  • Park Serv | Rolec Services Ltd

    ENQUIRE NOW Additional Services Home Site Structure Caravan Hook-Ups Site Structure Additional Services Site Structure Park Serv Park SERV For over 30 years, Rolec engineers have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, undertaking the installation of electrical hook-up, distribution and lighting systems - as well as electrical testing and support services to the caravan and residential park industries. In order to accommodate the changing demands of the caravan and residential park industries, Rolec’s ParkServ provides park operators with a local service combined with nationwide corporate resources. ParkServ is a nationwide network of Rolec trained, Rolec supported and Rolec managed electrical contractors, able to provide a host of corporate services at local rates, including: Free of charge site surveys No obligation quotations based on local rates Installation work by local engineers Rapid response callout service by local engineers Local aftersales support Electrical testing at local rates Locally stocked spare and replacement parts Local relationships All of these services are now available based on local rates, with the added confidence that the UK’s leading hook-up specialist/manufacturer, Rolec, is providing a nationwide ParkServ managed umbrella that includes: Direct to the park electrical designs Electrical design support and advice to local contractor Immediate access to the Uk’s largest and most comprehensive range of electrical hook-up, metering, distribution and lighting systems Timely product deliveries Product compliance and regulatory management General advice and support Project management and site meeting attendance Continual ParkServ local contractor training Continual ParkServ local contractor performance reviews For the contact details in your area, click below. ParkSERV provides caravan and park destinations corporate performance at local rates. Rolec North Scotland Gary Bruce at GBEC Scotland gary@garybruce.co.uk 07774 439353 Rolec North East Lee Crowther at ITS Ltd info@its-electricalltd.com 07739 373666 Rolec East Yorkshire Mike Turner at M.G. Maltby info@mgmaltby.co.uk 07866 611600 ​ Rolec Norfolk & Suffolk Gary Stolworthy at Stolworthy Electrical enquiries@stolworthy-electrical.co.uk 01263 713758 Rolec South Ross Gulliver at Alpha Electrical ​ ross@alphaelec.co.uk 07872 832724 ​ Rolec South East Ray Holbrook at Holbrook Electrical ray@holbrookelectrical.co.uk 07711 789465 ​ Rolec South Scotland Patrick McCulloch at First Choice Electrical patrick@1stchoiceelectrical.net 07815 811370 Rolec East Midlands Ben Sykes at PowerPark ben@ng1powersolutions.co.uk 07538 106614 ​ Rolec Corporate HQ Sales Team at Rolec Services Ltd uksales@rolecserv.co.uk 01205 724754 Rolec Midlands & London Kye Bishop at R K Electrical kye@rkelec.co.uk 01536 601900 ​ Rolec South Coast Gary Edwardes at Edwardes Electrical ​ gary@gedwardes.co.uk 01308 422637 ​ Rolec South West Seth Lamey at D.S. Electrical ​ seth@ds-electrical.co.uk 07467 953140 ​ Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US PRODUCT RANGES CARAVAN HOOK-UPS Classic Touring Pedestals LEARN MORE Direct Connection Units LEARN MORE High Level Street Light LEARN MORE Hook-Up Connection Units LEARN MORE Mains & Distribution Units LEARN MORE Quantum Touring Pedestals LEARN MORE Sauro LED Light LEARN MORE WallPod Hook-Up Connection Units LEARN MORE

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