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  • Rolec EV Supplies VoltPoints in Berkshire

    Rolec EV Supplies VoltPoints in Berkshire EV Charging

  • Covid-19 Statement

    Home Site Structure About Us Site Structure Covid-19 Statement COVID-19 STATEMENT Covid-19 Update: We’re Still Operating Last Updated: Friday 22nd January 2021 Installations We are working closely with our installation partners to ensure that customers, whether domestic or commercial, can benefit from the installation of chargepoints at their homes, workplaces, businesses etc. Key workers who rely on an EV are gaining priority, to enable them to get to and from their workplace with peace of mind. The safety of our customers is paramount, therefore we have strongly advised and are actively encouraging Rolec Approved Installers to follow government guidelines, such as adhering to social distancing measures. Rest assured that you are in safe hands during the installation of your chargepoint. If you’d like to make an enquiry , please visit: https://www.rolecserv.com/contact-ev-charging Our Distribution Partners Wholesalers across the nation are still operating, therefore electrical installers and contractors are still able to purchase Rolec products at their local wholesaler. To view our product range , please visit: https://www.rolecserv.com/ev-charging-product-ranges Our Team & Rolec We are still manufacturing across all three of our divisions and our entire team of experts are still here to support customers with their EV charging, marina and caravan hook-up requirements. The team are following Covid-19 guidelines such as social distancing, wearing face masks, sanitising workplaces and more. To view our summary statement of findings and Covid-19 secure certificate click here . Thank you for your ongoing support. Stay safe and take care. The team at Rolec Services Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US

  • 30 Years with Rolec Marina.

    BLOG Marina Services 30 Years with Rolec Marina. Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:41 In three decades, UK-based Rolec Services has reached monumental milestones. The company’s prolific projects are a testament to the world-leading position it enjoys, and have motivated the Rolec team to constantly hone its experience in the marina sector. Since 1990, Rolec Services has positioned itself as an innovator of exemplary products for both marina operators and marina users. Starting out with just the Classic marina pedestal, Rolec has continued to expand and improve its offering to the marina industry and now has various popular pedestals and berth management systems on the market. Classic Beginnings The Classic, with its simplistic and long-lasting design, has never fallen out of favour. It can be seen in hundreds of marinas around the world and withstands the test of time, with the bulk of the original installations still reliable and still in place. Launching the Classic pedestal gave Rolec access to multiple marina destinations and four years after its launch, it won the company its first £1 million marina project - for Elizabeth Harbour on the island of Jersey. Securing this 1994 project was a huge determining factor for Rolec as the directors could see vast potential in offering the industry greater choice of products and services, and a future prospect as a world leader in the industry. With innovation at the core of its business philosophy and the new opportunities afforded by the internet, Rolec introduced a world first electricity/water computer controlled management system called BerthMaster. BerthMaster was designed to provide marina operators with a simple and straightforward marina management system, enabling them to easily and cost-effectively manage the control and billing of marina electrical and water services. Its introduction was a revolutionary move for Rolec. The ability of the software to allow the marina office to remotely control and monitor every individual electric socket and water tap on the marina enabled marina operators to save both time and labour. Rolec has always believed in providing solutions for its customers that make their day-to-day lives simpler, and BerthMaster achieves exactly that. Developing the new system facilitated greater opportunities for Rolec’s marina team, positioning them at the forefront of pioneering work. A Decade Passes Following ten years of great success, in 2000 Rolec added to its huge product range by unveiling LED lighting for both marina and caravan industries. Many pontoons, access bridges and quaysides have benefited from stunning, low-cost, energy-efficient illumination as a result. The products have become a ‘go-to’ for new infrastructure and refurbishment projects, enhancing the ambience at many marinas and waterfronts. But, for Rolec, the millennium was just the start of something greater. Within six years, it diversified to use its specialist knowledge for industrial power supplies and had formed a third division named Power Solutions. A year later it patented and launched WallPod. Originally released as the ultimate interchangeable utility pod system, it now enjoys a strong foothold in the electric vehicle industry. The launch of the WallPod in 2007 also coincided with Rolec’s first major Middle East contract - for The Pearl Qatar, a 1,200 berth marina project. The £2.5 million order added another impressive reference to Rolec’s substantial portfolio but was swiftly followed in 2008 by a £2 million order for marina services for the iconic Palm Marinas in Dubai. In under two years, Rolec had made serious market inroads into a new and exciting business region. Business was clearly solid, but Rolec continued to look to the future and push boundaries, announcing EV charging in 2008 as its fourth division. At a time when many were dubious about the future of electric vehicles, this was an adventurous and courageous move that has since paid serious dividends. 2010 Onwards After two decades of extraordinary growth, Rolec relocated its headquarters and manufacturing facility to new purpose-built premises, widening its capacity to deliver even greater service to its customers. A multi-million pound Rolec Training Academy was built on-site to showcase the breadth of products the company designs and manufactures. The state-of-the-art Training Academy welcomes hundreds of electrical contractors every month into the business, educating keen professionals on the wide range of products that Rolec offers. The Academy has piqued interest from all around the world, with visitors coming from far and wide to discover more about Rolec’s product range. Out of gallery In 2015, Rolec introduced two further products to the marina market: the Quantum Service Pedestal, which now boats over 18,000 installations; and BerthMaster.Online, an extension of the original BerthMaster electricity and water management system. BertMaster.Online benefits both marina operators and berth holders. Berth holders have the ability to manage their electricity and water services via their phone, tablet, laptop or any other web enabled device. The elimination of individual customer invoicing, combined with the marina receiving payments directly to its merchant account in monthly arrears, now ensures marina operators can control electricity and water use with ease and precision. Both the Quantum Service Pedestal and BerthMaster.Online have proven to be popular for UK and international marina projects, with many operators selecting both products as a perfect solution for their marina destinations. But, although the Quantum has generated interest on a grand scale, the Classic Service Pedestal still remains a true classic. In 2016, the Classic achieved its 125,000 marks for manufacture and installation. Rolec witnessed remarkable growth in the lead up to its 30th anniversary. In 2018, a new manufacturing facility was developed to meet the growing demand of electric vehicle charging products. In 2019, over 150,000 EV charging points were installed around the world. Such successes are a testament to Rolec’s dedication and commitment to serving its four divisions with outdoor electrical equipment that has been designed to satisfy all users. The broad range of products also tells its own story. “Rolec is heading towards 4,000 marina references across 68 countries, with Europe, the UK and the Middle East being our highest concentration areas. It brings the team and I great pleasure to have reached our 30 year anniversary this year.” - Holly Brown, Operations Director “We are firm believers in providing a unique service to our clients and also want to ensure that marina users also benefit from our specialist skills. As a result, we are committed to the continuous development of our products and systems. In seeing the success of the Quantum Service Pedestal and BerthMaster.Online, it is stimulating to know that our products and services are still positioning us as world leaders in what we do best.” - Kieron Alsop, Managing Director With thanks to Marina World for including our 30 year anniversary feature within their March/April 2020 edition. Want to see more of Rolec Marina? Click here PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Supporting UK Marinas Attract Visitors from Far and Wide Greater Expansion for Rolec Marina in the Far East. 3 reasons why your marina will benefit from EV charging.

  • Rolec reduces its Carbon Footprint

    Rolec reduces its Carbon Footprint Rolec Services Ltd

  • EV Charging Smart Grid - UPS Electric Fleet

    CASE STUDY EV Charging Smart Grid - UPS Electric Fleet Rolec EV were tasked with designing an EV charging infrastructure at the flagship UPS depot in London. SCOPE Design, develop and install a network of just under 100 EV charging points complete with Ethernet connectivity and a bespoke integrated management back office. Design a bespoke dynamic electricity load management system enabling UPS to constantly monitor electricity demand on site in conjunction with EV chargepoint activity. Integrate a large scale battery/energy storage system that can be automatically called upon to reinforce the grid supply in the event that demand exceeds grid power availability. Out of gallery SOLUTION Install a tailored Rolec EV Charge Online system in conjunction with SecuriCharge:EV charging units whilst incorporating the Rolec Dynamic Load Manager software and Ethernet connectivity. PREVIOUS NEXT UPS

  • Thank You to all our Showman Show Visitors

    Thank You to all our Showman Show Visitors Rolec Services Ltd

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From all the Team at Rolec

    BLOG Rolec Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From all the Team at Rolec Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:16 Out of gallery Should you require support during the above period, please get in touch via email on: christmascover@rolecserv.co.uk We wish you, your family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts 1620KW of charging Infrastructure Provided for First York. MG on the Road to Net-Zero in Enhanced Partnership with Rolec EV. 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide

  • Introducing the new EV OpenCharge range

    NEWS EV Charging Introducing the new EV OpenCharge range Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:29 Rolec launches an entire OCPP compliant chargepoint range, offering total flexibility and complete integration for chargepoint operators and electric vehicle divers. Here’s what you need to know… What is OCPP? OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is simply a language that allows compliant EV charging points and back office management systems to communicate seamlessly with one another. OCPP is a popular, worldwide industry-wide standard, allowing interoperability between EV charging points, back office management systems and electric vehicles. Out of gallery The NEW EV OpenCharge Range Rolec’s EV OpenCharge range is a selection of smart electric vehicle charging points, suitable for all locations, whether that be for fleet requirements, workplaces, public car parks and more. The range is complete with both AC Fast and DC Rapid EV chargers, providing a future-proof charging solution to meet the current demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. As standard, the chargepoints are equipped with Rolec’s back office management platform, EV Charge Online, however, businesses and organisations are able to choose their own software provider due to the range’s OCPP compatibility. Chargepoint operators are able to offer both pay-to-charge (operated via mobile phone) and authorise-to-charge (operated via RFID card/fob) options to their employees and visitors, whilst gaining the ability to generate additional revenue from chargepoint usage transactions. The flexible pricing model feature enables chargepoint operators to implement charging prices suited to their business requirements, providing them with capabilities to change tariffs as and when required. For businesses and organisations, the EV OpenCharge range introduces significant benefits, particularly with the chargepoint management dashboard as they are able to understand and digest historical, real time and analytical data. Remote over the air firmware updates also creates substantial cost savings and time, allowing seamless upgrades without the need for engineers to visit business premises. For more on the benefits of our EV OpenCharge range Check out our EV OpenCharge range For more on OCPP PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging. Rolec Provides Over 1,000 EV Charging Points for Kia UK. 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide

  • Rolec supports Willmott Dixon’s fleet electrification plans

    NEWS EV Charging Rolec supports Willmott Dixon’s fleet electrification plans Sultana Rahman 17 September 2021, 13:23:51 Over 100 of Willmott Dixon’s sites will be future-proof with the roll out of charging infrastructure for electric company cars. Willmott Dixon’s pledge to become a zero-carbon company by 2030, without offsetting, has seen it announce a roll-out of electric vehicle charge points across all its sites and offices. Rolec has been chosen as Willmott Dixon’s chargepoint partner to deliver electric vehicle charging solutions across over 100 of Willmott Dixon’s sites and offices in England and Wales. The deployment of charging infrastructure at Willmott Dixon’s sites will ensure that its nearly 300 electric vehicle driving employees are able to recharge their EVs whilst on-site. In the latest initiative under it’s Now or Never sustainability strategy, Willmott Dixon expects the move will have a big impact on its annual carbon footprint by reducing emissions by nearly 1 million kgCo2e*, with the shift away from petrol and diesel fuel also leading to savings of £360k in fuel reimbursement. It is also intended to support more people transitioning to electric vehicles. Jake Hudson, Fleet Business Development Manager at Rolec added: “It is great to be able to assist with the provision of electric vehicle charge points for all of Willmott Dixon’s sites, sharing the vision of their 2030 ‘Now or Never’ sustainability strategy to deliver a greener future.” Julia Barrett, Chief Sustainability Officer, explains: “Through our 2030 ‘Now or Never’ sustainability strategy, launched last autumn, we have set ourselves some of the toughest science-based targets in the industry, as we pledge to have no direct emissions from our day-to-day operations by eliminating fossil fuel use in our offices and on our sites. “In order to achieve this objective, it is critical that we move to a 100% electric vehicle fleet, which will only be viable if we are able to provide our people with the relevant equipment to make this step change possible. “In January, we launched a new vehicle scheme, encouraging our people to consider electric vehicles and we have already seen several hundred applications. Now we are committing to installing electric vehicle charging points at our sites and offices, creating the infrastructure to support this change. “Since 2019, all of our offices and sites have been powered by certified, natural renewable electricity. We are also encouraging our people to consider making the same change at home, having recently led an internal campaign for Earth Day during April. By combining renewable electricity powered charging points with electric vehicles, we are proud to be able to provide a truly sustainable vehicle solution for all of our people.” Read more via: https://www.willmottdixon.co.uk/news/willmott-dixon-to-provide-electric-vehicle-charging-points-at-over-100-sites Out of gallery PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Mercedes-Benz South West and Rolec partnership supports the acceleration of EV adoption in the UK Supporting Your Transition to a Zero Emissions Fleet 1620KW of charging Infrastructure Provided for First York.

  • Rolec Provides Over 1,000 EV Charging Points for Kia UK.

    NEWS EV Charging Rolec Provides Over 1,000 EV Charging Points for Kia UK. Sultana Rahman 30 July 2021, 12:39:30 Rolec EV has confirmed that it has recently manufactured and supplied over 1,000 electric vehicle charging points for KIA Motors UK’s Head Office, dealership network and domestic EV customers. KIA had a requirement to implement a nationwide EV charging network, to be deployed across over 160 dealerships and offices, as well as the facility to offer standardised EV home charge point installations to its EV customers. To accommodate these requirements Rolec EV, via its ‘enquiry to installation’ charge point management portal, was able to design, manufacture and project manage the installation of a range of custom KIA branded EV charging pedestals and WallPod chargers. Out of gallery Rolec’s MD Kieron Alsop commented : “We were delighted to have been chosen by KIA Motors UK to supply our branded range of EV charging solutions to their Head Office, dealership network and domestic EV customers. “Our EV charge point installation portal proved invaluable in managing and co-ordinating the large scale EV charge point rollout across the UK. This enabled KIA showrooms to quickly and easily download EV charge point requirements, safe in the knowledge that we at Rolec would capture and manage the charge point installation from enquiry through to completion – including, if required, any OLEV grant funding paperwork.” For more information on EV Charging , click the link or visit: www.rolecserv.com/ev-charging PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts 1620KW of charging Infrastructure Provided for First York. MG on the Road to Net-Zero in Enhanced Partnership with Rolec EV. 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging.

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