Who We Are


Rolec Services is one of the world’s leading specialists in outdoor electrical equipment. We design, manufacture and install an extensive range of products - including electrical connection, charging, hook-up and distrubution equipment.

We were established in 1990 and presently employ over 100 personnel in our bespoke, purpose-built office, showroom, warehouse and factory complex. Now 25 years old, Rolec’s wide range of products is the most extensive of its kind and continues to grow via its distribution network of representatives in over 40 countries across the globe.

Rolec Services consists of four unique divisions, each focusing on a particular sector:

ROLEC EV - Europe’s largest range of electric vehicle charging stations and equipment.

ROLEC GLOBAL MARINA SERVICES - The world leaders in the design and installation of marina services.

ROLEC POWER SOLUTIONS -Permanent and temporary power solutions.

ROLEC LEISURE SERVICES - World-leading hook-up and electrical distribution solutions for the caravan and camping industries.


Our founding Directors have worked together over the past 25 years, driving and shaping the company into the world leader it is today.

Kieron Alsop (Managing Director) - A naturally gifted entrepeneur, Kieron is the driving force behind the company. His tireless passion and creativity continuing to grow Rolec’s reputation and success.

Holly Brown (Operations Director) - Holly’s position at the epicentre of Rolec allows her to use her unique organisational skills to orchestrate almost every aspect of the company’s global business activities and development.

Martin Georgeson (Sales Director) - With a wealth of experience, Martin is a familiar face throughout the UK’s leisure industry and continues to be at the forefront of the company’s customer service ethos.

Lee Orrey (Production Director) - Lee has an abundance of drive, skill and determination. He has continuously raised the standards of our procurement, manufacturing and after-sales departments to new heights.


Our company mission statement of “Quality, Reliability and Innovation” applies to all of our divisions, products and services.

Our extensive client list continues to grow, with many of the world’s leading companies relying on our products and services. In order to achieve the highest possible standards in our industry we ensure that effective administrative procedures are in place to enable us to attain the following quality values:

• Provide dynamic leadership in a work environment which encourages employee involvement.

• Partner with our suppliers to develop, with all due care, quality products that will meet our customers’ expectations.

• Promote systems and processes that encourage quality solutions and help us become the most efficient producer in our industry.

• Research, test and produce quality products in a safe environment using the latest in manufacturing technology - while ensuring industry leading service and support.

We are fully accountable for the products we provide and deal honestly and fairly with our customers, suppliers, employees, and regulators.

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