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  • The Future-proof, Scalable UFC 200 Rapid Charging Station

    BLOG EV Charging The Future-proof, Scalable UFC 200 Rapid Charging Station Lauryn Hall 21 September 2021, 15:37:22 As the requirement for ultra-fast rapid charging stations increases due to the proliferation of electric vehicle adoption, we are excited to be working alongside businesses and organisations to support the nation’s ultra-fast rapid charging network. Get to know our UFC 200, the upgradeable ultra-fast rapid charging station which provides a future-proof and scalable rapid charging solution for both public and private (workplace fleet) requirements. The Delta UFC 200 is a super-efficient, rapid electric vehicle charging station. This ultra-fast charging station can be upgraded from its 50kW entry level configuration without ever having to change the original unit. This can allow businesses to significantly reduce their initial capital investment, saving over fifty percent on the purchase costs. Then, when necessary, you can seamlessly add light-weight kW power modules to the unit, 12.5kW at a time until it reaches its maximum speed of 200kW. Opting for the UFC 200 configured to 50kW allows you to slowly increase the power to the unit and maximise your investment, all whilst spreading out the cost. The UFC 200 ultra-fast rapid charger is suitable for locations such as carparks, petrol stations, workplaces, or any public area, seeking to begin their EV charging provision. Just the one electric vehicle charging station can charge up to four vehicles at one time, allowing businesses to welcome more visitors to their destination to use their charging network. Businesses can choose their own combinations of connectors to suit their to ensure that every EV driver can recharge their vehicles, allowing businesses to mix and match the AC and DC outputs to their own requirements. Out of gallery There are endless opportunities available for your business with the UFC 200 ultra-fast rapid charging station, being a part of the EV revolution being one, but there is also a possibility to generate revenue with this EV charger - an opportunity not to miss out on! The formats “free to charge” or “pay to charge” provides you with flexibility, for example to allow free to use charging for your EV driving employees or to charge any visitors on site by simply setting your own customizable tariffs. This can be monitored and controlled though any OCCP back-office management system in the world or our very own, VendElectric. Our management system VendElectric, allows you to see live activity of your electric vehicle charging points, CO2 savings and your business revenue summary - all at the click of a button. With the UFC 200 rapid charging station, electric vehicle drivers can activate charging sessions by using the VendElectric app; their assigned RFID card/fob; contactless payment methods via major credit/debit cards as well Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Charging with the UFC 200 couldn’t be easier! An exciting feature coming to the UFC 200 ultra-fast rapid charging station is EV roaming; allowing drivers with vehicle manufacturer specific RFID cards/fobs to activate charging sessions with a simple tap. This feature will allow for a seamless charging network and experience for EV drivers, whilst increasing revenue potential by allowing any EV driver to charge their vehicles with the UFC 200. (Please note that this feature will be added to the UFC 200 via remotely, without the requirement for manual alterations). Offering your business, a simple, effortless, charging station with the UFC 200. For more on our UFC 200: www.rolecserv.com/ev-products/UFC-200 PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts 1620KW of charging Infrastructure Provided for First York. Introducing the new EV OpenCharge range 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide

  • Smart Home Charging with the WallPod:EV HomeSmart

    BLOG EV Charging Smart Home Charging with the WallPod:EV HomeSmart Sultana Rahman 30 July 2021, 12:37:34 So, you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle (or already have done), now what? Although you may be charging your vehicle at public destinations or at your workplace, EV charging at home is much more convenient and straightforward than you think. With most charging taking place at the home during off-peak periods, opting for a home electric vehicle charger is a no brainer. Why wait around to recharge your vehicle at your workplace when you can recharge your vehicle at home? Why Choose the WallPod:EV HomeSmart? One thing we are all guilty of is whether a product is aesthetically appealing, especially if we are placing it outdoors for the world to see. With the WallPod:EV HomeSmart car charger, there’s a variety of colour combinations to choose from, allowing you to choose a colour way that suits your home and tastes. Whether you’d like a blend of anthracite grey and black or terracotta and white, a look for all households and tastes exists with the WallPod:EV HomeSmart. Colour combinations aside, the WallPod:EV HomeSmart features numerous benefits and options for both novice and experienced electric vehicle drivers. Available in 3.6kW and 7.2kW charging speeds, as well as tethered and untethered versions, there is an option for all electric vehicle drivers with the WallPod:EV HomeSmart. Enjoy Savings of £150 When talking about adopting an electric vehicle we often hear experts explain the cost savings associated with charging EVs. The industry is working on many ways to build out the infrastructure that helps make EV ownership easier and cost efficient and we’ve partnered with ev.energy, to help control the WallPod:EV HomeSmart completely by app. By connecting to their auto-management technology, the ev.energy app will optimise your EV charging to the cheapest and greenest tariff rates, which provide EV drivers with an average energy savings of £150 per year. Not only will you reduce your own costs and carbon emissions in the process, but you will help redistribute energy load throughout the grid. Now that’s smarter charging. Stay in Control of your Charging Charging your electric vehicle with the WallPod:EV HomeSmart couldn’t be easier with the ev.energy app. By simply using the app (downloadable via Apple App Store and Google Play) on your mobile phone/smart device, EV drivers are able to recharge their vehicles with the tap of a finger. From scheduling, setting a time for when you want your car ready by, to boosting your charge; you are in complete control over powering your EV. Keeping Track of your Carbon Footprint & Spending Who doesn’t love to see their cost savings over time? And is there anything more satisfying than knowing that the reduction of your carbon footprint plays a pivotal role in preserving the environment? With the WallPod:EV HomeSmart and its integrated ev.energy app, electric vehicle drivers are able to understand accurate charging behaviour, energy consumption and cost savings over time. The reporting and analytics feature is favoured by many as drivers are able to track their vehicle’s carbon emissions at home, on the go, all in one place via the ev.energy app. Earn Rewards for your Green Behaviour By using the WallPod:EV HomeSmart and ev.energy app, electric vehicle drivers are rewarded for smart charging their EVs. By smart charging their vehicles, EV drivers can receive free Amazon vouchers. For more on our WallPod:EV HomeSmart: https://www.rolecserv.com/home-charging For more on ev.energy’s smart charging app: https://ev.energy/solutions/app/ Out of gallery PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Your Charging Questions Answered 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging. Supporting Your Transition to a Zero Emissions Fleet

  • Greater Expansion for Rolec Marina in the Far East.

    NEWS Marina Services Greater Expansion for Rolec Marina in the Far East. Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:43 Although pleasure boating is still fairly new in China, Hong Kong’s Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club is a haven for those who have adopted recreational boating. With a greater desire for owning a boat or a yacht, Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club appointed Rolec Marina for its innovations in marina supplies and services. From the increasingly popular Quantum Pedestal to the innovative BerthMaster as well as essential Combi LED Deck Lighting, the partnership provides the club’s 3,000 members with a simple and straightforward mooring experience when visiting. With the capacity to berth 300 boats, members of the club will benefit from safe and secure mooring during their travels whilst berth operators can now enjoy the ability to monitor and operate water and electricity activities. Rolec Marina have also seen success in Singapore with One 15 Marina , commonly referred to as the cosmopolitan destination for visitors who seek tranquil, inspiration and a world-class experience. The collaboration with the award winning “Best Asian Marina 2019” comprises of providing over 170 of the Quantum Pedestal as well Superyacht Megamaster units, thus catering for all requirements of One 15 Marina’s clientele. Whilst the project has enabled ease of experience for end users, One 15 Marina have also acquired the BerthMaster Online payment system, providing simultaneous simplicity for both boat owners who can pay for services online and marina operators who can monitor and manage their entire marina’s electricity and water supplies. Completed projects in Australia include installations of once again, the in-demand Quantum Pedestal, with Whyalla Marina and Emu Point now generating an increase in aquatic pleasure seekers visiting their destinations. Whilst many opt for the Quantum Pedestal for its combination of innovation and sleek design, Rolec Marina’s associates in the Far East have also reaped the benefits of over 300 years of collective experience in the world of Marina. Out of gallery Sales Engineer, Steve King said: “Rolec Services reaching the Far East has been a great success over the past year, supplying some truly brilliant projects from China to Australia, all of which have decided to use the Rolec Quantum Service Pedestal” “Our Quantum range is both economical yet innovative, providing a powerful blend of versatility and design, and also offering a unique strength and stability seldom seen on other marina service pedestals.” Want to read more posts in the Marina Industry ? Why not read the latest blog here PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Major Movements in the Middle East for Rolec Marina. 30 Years with Rolec Marina. 3 reasons why your marina will benefit from EV charging.

  • A complete nationwide EV chargepoint installation course, delivered by Rolec, Universal Skills Group & EV-comply

    BLOG EV Charging A complete nationwide EV chargepoint installation course, delivered by Rolec, Universal Skills Group & EV-comply Sultana Rahman 17 September 2021, 13:27:55 Electric vehicle registrations are rising rapidly at a rate like never before and as a result, both drivers and businesses are in need of EV chargepoints to recharge their private/fleet vehicles. So, we’ve partnered with industry leaders in EV chargepoint training, Universal Skills Group and chargepoint installation software providers, EV-comply to deliver nationwide EV chargepoint training courses to up-skill the UK’s current network of electrical contractors. This dedicated course will ensure that electrical contractors are provided with a comprehensive training experience for chargepoint installations. Training on Rolec’s charging products, electrical contractors will gain first-hand experience of how to install a chargepoint and the processes within. What’s more, the contractors will also learn more about Rolec’s smart systems such as HomeSmart and VendElectric, allowing electrical contractors to diversify their portfolios to meet the requirements of both domestic and commercial chargepoint installations. Electrical contractors will also benefit from learning more about the OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) grant funding available to them as well as leave the course with Rolec’s literature for further understanding of its product offering. Universal Skills Group have now successfully upskilled over 500 electrical contractors to install electric vehicle charging points across various types of locations. With this course, the aim is to deliver a nationwide opportunity to enable more and more electrical contractors to join us in the EV revolution. Once the chargepoint installation training element of the course is completed, electrical contractors will also experience a walk-through of the leading EV-comply app, which allows electrical contractors to eliminate the paperwork associated with chargepoint installations. Electrical contractors will be provided with information and tutorials regarding the app, such as the ability to monitor the live progress of installs; seamless form filling for the OZEV grant funding and much more. PLUS, when completing the EV chargepoint installation course, electrical contractors will save the £120 registration fee for when signing up to EV-comply - even more of a reason to sign up to the course! For more information on dates and locations for the nationwide EV chargepoint training course, please contact: s.rose@universalskillsgroup.co.uk . PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Rolec supports Willmott Dixon’s fleet electrification plans Mercedes-Benz South West and Rolec partnership supports the acceleration of EV adoption in the UK Your Charging Questions Answered

  • 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide

    NEWS EV Charging 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:26 With EV adoption and the need for charging infrastructure increasing, Rolec EV are proud to announce its 200,000 chargepoint installation milestone. As industry leaders in providing both AC Fast and DC Rapid chargers across the UK and worldwide, reaching the 200,000 chargepoint installation mark comes at a time when charging infrastructure is pivotal to the adoption of electric vehicles. Numerous industries are benefiting from Rolec’s diverse range of products, whether that be for workplace, commercial, development or home electric vehicle charging purposes. Most businesses in the UK are now reconsidering their carbon footprint and as a result, are choosing Rolec EV as their chargepoint manufacturer for their workplace and/or fleet charging requirements. Similarly, new developments, whether that be homebuilds, warehouses, offices etc are opting to situate chargepoints at their premises to ensure a future-proof solution is in place for the rise in electric vehicles. Out of gallery Frankie Mellon , Head of EV Charging said: “What a superb milestone to reach! Not only are our chargepoints gaining and maintaining momentum in the UK, but across the globe too. Despite the challenges the global economy is facing due to the current pandemic, it is encouraging to know that the industry is evolving, with businesses and individuals making the switch to an electric vehicle. The deployment of worldwide charging infrastructure still has a long way to go and of course, we are proud to be a part of that journey.” For more on our EV charging solutions visit: www.rolecserv.com/ev-charging or contact our team PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Introducing the new EV OpenCharge range MG on the Road to Net-Zero in Enhanced Partnership with Rolec EV. Rolec Provides Over 1,000 EV Charging Points for Kia UK.

  • Your Charging Questions Answered

    BLOG EV Charging Your Charging Questions Answered Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:20 We’ve answered some of the EV charging questions asked by prospective electric vehicle drivers. How much does it cost to charge an EV at home? The cost of charging an electric vehicle at home is dependent on various factors; when you charge your vehicle; how you charge your vehicle (3-pin plug or charging point); size of the vehicle’s battery; tariffs/charging networks used and how much energy you need. Charging your electric vehicle at home is a cost effective alternative to charging at public locations, especially when charging is complete during the night, when energy rates are low. Out of gallery How long does it take to charge an EV from empty to full? This depends on both the battery size as well as the speed of the chargepoint. Most electric vehicle drivers will recharge their vehicles at home from empty to full and most will also ‘top-up’ their charge if a chargepoint is available at their workplace or at a public destination. What grant funding is available for getting a chargepoint installed at my home? The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) are committed in ensuring that those who do make the transition to an electric vehicle, can do so hassle-free. The OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) allows EV drivers to benefit from £350 off their home chargepoint, providing that the EV chargepoint is ‘smart.’ View our OLEV grant fundable smart electric vehicle charger for your home, WallPod:EV HomeSmart I own a business, is there grant funding available for workplace chargepoints? Yes. The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) provides generous cost savings for businesses/organisations across the UK for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle chargers at their workplace premises. Workplaces are eligible for up to £14,000 grant funding (£350 per socket, a total of up to 40 chargepoint sockets permitted at your premises under OLEV WCS) towards their chosen chargepoints, so long as their chargepoints are ‘smart.’ View our workplace EV charging solutions Where can I charge my car if I don’t have a home electric vehicle charge installed yet? There are hundreds of locations with chargepoints available for electric vehicle drivers to use. This year, the number of public electric vehicle chargepoints has increased by 18% so far - according to the Department of Transport, there are now 19,487 public EV chargers available to use across the UK (time of writing). Some public chargers offer free charging, whilst others will ask you to pay a fee - prices will vary due to pricing models implemented by the car park. Most public destinations will offer AC Fast charging (anything from 3.6kW to 22kW), however there are now hundreds of DC rapid chargers located across the UK for public use and this figure is set to increase in the near future. Looking for more answers? Check out our FAQs or get in touch PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Supporting Your Transition to a Zero Emissions Fleet 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging. 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide

  • Supporting UK Marinas Attract Visitors from Far and Wide

    BLOG Marina Services Supporting UK Marinas Attract Visitors from Far and Wide Sultana Rahman 30 July 2021, 12:37:43 Let’s face it, this year has been somewhat strange for all of us. The terms ‘lockdown’ and ‘restrictions’ have placed the world at a standstill, however despite all of the Covid-19 uncertainty, Rolec Marina has continued to flourish in the UK marina market, transforming destinations, ready for visitors to take a well-deserved getaway once all of this is over! Read more as we discuss three of our exciting UK marina projects… Tarbert Harbour One of our projects included the complete refurbishment of Tarbert Harbour , voted one of the top ten Instagrammable destinations in Scotland by Vogue. We were invited back by Tarbert Harbour’s team after approximately 15 years to transform their harbour with 53 of our highly acclaimed Classic Smartcard Metered Service Pedestals, which include LED illumination and water taps. By opting for our prepay MID approved Smartcard metering system , the marina operator at Tarbert Harbour now benefits from a modern solution for controlling and managing their berth electric supplies. Visitors of the destination can now simply pay for their electric supplies using reusable Smartcards, offering an efficient user experience whilst saving man-hours for the marina team. Pauline Laycock, Marina Office Manager at Tarbert Harbour said: “We have been associated with Rolec Services for many years and always found them to be professional with high quality customer care; so when we decided to replace all our pontoon service pedestals (53 in total), we contacted Rolec for information on the most suitable for our requirements. Their team could not have been more helpful. Assuring we got the right pedestal for our purposes and answering all our questions no matter what they were. They were quick and professional and the installation was completed ahead of time. We found the software easy to install and our customers have already seen the benefit of the new pedestals; which are designed to a high standard and have helped us continue with our ethos of providing the best service we can to all our customers.” Largs Yacht Haven As well established marina services providers across the world, it is always exciting for us to be invited back for projects at destinations we are familiar with. Largs Yacht Haven have benefited from our services for over 30 years, so transforming the destination once again was a true delight. This particular project included upgrading Largs Yacht Haven’s 730 berth marina, which involved stripping out the entire electrical system and replacing with 117 of our Classic Service Pedestals (complete with LED illumination), allowing berthing excellence for boating enthusiasts as well as 12 of our must-have Distribution Units. Situated in Scotland, Largs Yacht Haven is placed in the perfect destination for those who enjoy exploring scenic surroundings. We began our work in January 2020, although the weather wasn’t as pleasant as desired, we continued to refurbish the marina, even throughout three storms! As three months passed, we were forced to stop the upgrade works on Largs Yacht Haven due to the worldwide health crisis, however, we resumed once again in July, allowing us to completely transform the destination. Although times were challenging during our project with Largs Yacht Haven, the completed result was well worth the journey! John Stewart, Marina Manager at Largs Yacht Haven said: “Having worked with Rolec Services over the last thirty years, we decided to use their expertise to upgrade over half the electricity modules in our 730 berth marina. The upgrade involved stripping out the entire electrical system and replacing with new distribution boxes and modules. Work started as planned, on the eight week upgrade, in early January 2020 but unfortunately due to Covid was not completed until July. Rolec Services and their employees on site did a fantastic job maintaining a power supply to our berth holder’s boats during the busy early Summer months. We now have one lit module for every two boats, 16 and 32 amp sockets as required and no cables crossing the pontoons, eliminating trip hazards.” Out of gallery Braunston Marina Located in Daventry and a major centre for leisure craft and narrow boats, Braunston Marina is a destination that we are familiar with, having installed their very first service pedestals back in 1995. After 25 years, Braunston Marina decided to revamp and upgrade their destination. Although Covid-19 saw visitors drop, the health crisis provided them with a ‘silver lining,’ enabling them to repair and upgrade their facilities for future visitors. Choosing Rolec once again was without a doubt fantastic news for us; working with old customers and seeing their marinas transform always brings us great joy. Two out of four phases have been completed, once the project has been finalised, Braunston Marina will benefit from 74 of our industry leading LED illuminated Classic Service Pedestals (a mixture of 2way and 4way styles), all of which are equipped with MID approved metering. Opting for our MID approved metering system provides visitors and the marina managers with a simple to use and mooring experience, providing the ideal solution for all. The next two phases are set to start in spring 2021 and our engineers certainly cannot wait to get started. With a brand new, updated and modern look, we are sure that Braunston Marina’s visitors will continue to enjoy their stay with enhanced aesthetics and greater efficiency when using our Classic Service Pedestals. Graham Newman, General Manager at Braunston Marina said: “As we know only too well, the quality of Rolec’s products is so good that they can easily provide twenty five years of service. We only changed their existing bollards to take advantage of the many technological improvements since we first started installing them in 1995, when we were amongst the first inland waterways marina to do so, and the internet hardly existed. We have donated the old bollards to small boatyards that work with us, where no doubt they will see another 25 years of service! “ For more on our marina services and solutions, visit: https://www.rolecserv.com/marina-services PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts 30 Years with Rolec Marina. 3 reasons why your caravan park requires EV charging Major Movements in the Middle East for Rolec Marina.

  • Quinn Infrastructure and Rolec partner to provide a nationwide turnkey EV charging solution to meet charging infrastructure demand

    NEWS EV Charging Quinn Infrastructure and Rolec partner to provide a nationwide turnkey EV charging solution to meet charging infrastructure demand Sultana Rahman 17 September 2021, 13:23:53 June 2021 - Quinn Infrastructure, engineering specialists to the UK rail and utility networks have formed a significant partnership with Rolec EV, the UK’s leading charge point manufacturer, to deliver a nationwide turnkey EV charging installation and support service to companies wanting to introduce an EV charging infrastructure. The partnership enables Quinn Infrastructure’s existing and future customers to benefit from Rolec’s extensive range of EV charging hardware and software, ensuring that destinations are equipped with future-proof charging facilities for the future of electrified transport. With its workforce of over 200 managers, engineers, skilled operatives and support staff, Quinn Infrastructure can now offer their client-base with fully integrated charging solutions to meet their individual requirements via Rolec’s product range, software solutions and over 10 years of experience in the EV charging industry. Stuart Bosley, Commercial Director at Quinn Infrastructure said: “ We are very pleased to have partnered with Rolec, the leading charging solution provider for onsite charging facilities. With over 30 years’ experience delivering major national infrastructure solutions, this partnership delivers both commercial and domestic customers a truly superior onsite charging solution.” Frankie Mellon, Head of EV Charging at Rolec added : “We are delighted to be partnering with Quinn Infrastructure to provide charging solutions for their existing and future customers. With our wealth of experience and Quinn Infrastructure’s excellence in engineering, the partnership will provide businesses and organisations with confidence when choosing to deploy on-site EV charging infrastructure for commercial, fleet and public use.” PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Rolec supports Willmott Dixon’s fleet electrification plans Mercedes-Benz South West and Rolec partnership supports the acceleration of EV adoption in the UK 1620KW of charging Infrastructure Provided for First York.

  • Introducing the new EV OpenCharge range

    NEWS EV Charging Introducing the new EV OpenCharge range Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:29 Rolec launches an entire OCPP compliant chargepoint range, offering total flexibility and complete integration for chargepoint operators and electric vehicle divers. Here’s what you need to know… What is OCPP? OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is simply a language that allows compliant EV charging points and back office management systems to communicate seamlessly with one another. OCPP is a popular, worldwide industry-wide standard, allowing interoperability between EV charging points, back office management systems and electric vehicles. Out of gallery The NEW EV OpenCharge Range Rolec’s EV OpenCharge range is a selection of smart electric vehicle charging points, suitable for all locations, whether that be for fleet requirements, workplaces, public car parks and more. The range is complete with both AC Fast and DC Rapid EV chargers, providing a future-proof charging solution to meet the current demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. As standard, the chargepoints are equipped with Rolec’s back office management platform, EV Charge Online, however, businesses and organisations are able to choose their own software provider due to the range’s OCPP compatibility. Chargepoint operators are able to offer both pay-to-charge (operated via mobile phone) and authorise-to-charge (operated via RFID card/fob) options to their employees and visitors, whilst gaining the ability to generate additional revenue from chargepoint usage transactions. The flexible pricing model feature enables chargepoint operators to implement charging prices suited to their business requirements, providing them with capabilities to change tariffs as and when required. For businesses and organisations, the EV OpenCharge range introduces significant benefits, particularly with the chargepoint management dashboard as they are able to understand and digest historical, real time and analytical data. Remote over the air firmware updates also creates substantial cost savings and time, allowing seamless upgrades without the need for engineers to visit business premises. For more on the benefits of our EV OpenCharge range Check out our EV OpenCharge range For more on OCPP PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging. Rolec Provides Over 1,000 EV Charging Points for Kia UK. 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide

  • Rolec Provides Over 1,000 EV Charging Points for Kia UK.

    NEWS EV Charging Rolec Provides Over 1,000 EV Charging Points for Kia UK. Sultana Rahman 30 July 2021, 12:39:30 Rolec EV has confirmed that it has recently manufactured and supplied over 1,000 electric vehicle charging points for KIA Motors UK’s Head Office, dealership network and domestic EV customers. KIA had a requirement to implement a nationwide EV charging network, to be deployed across over 160 dealerships and offices, as well as the facility to offer standardised EV home charge point installations to its EV customers. To accommodate these requirements Rolec EV, via its ‘enquiry to installation’ charge point management portal, was able to design, manufacture and project manage the installation of a range of custom KIA branded EV charging pedestals and WallPod chargers. Out of gallery Rolec’s MD Kieron Alsop commented : “We were delighted to have been chosen by KIA Motors UK to supply our branded range of EV charging solutions to their Head Office, dealership network and domestic EV customers. “Our EV charge point installation portal proved invaluable in managing and co-ordinating the large scale EV charge point rollout across the UK. This enabled KIA showrooms to quickly and easily download EV charge point requirements, safe in the knowledge that we at Rolec would capture and manage the charge point installation from enquiry through to completion – including, if required, any OLEV grant funding paperwork.” For more information on EV Charging , click the link or visit: www.rolecserv.com/ev-charging PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts 1620KW of charging Infrastructure Provided for First York. MG on the Road to Net-Zero in Enhanced Partnership with Rolec EV. 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging.

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