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    Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure EV Charging Product Ranges Site Structure AutoCharge:EV AUTOCHARGE :EV EV OPENCHARGE | FREE-TO-USE The AutoCharge:EV is a heavy duty, hard wearing EV charging pedestal, specifically designed and manufactured for both commercial and public facing environments. VIEW OVERVIEW The AUTOCHARGE:EV Pedestal These versatile future-proof pedestals are available in a low cost free-to-charge format, or with OCPP back office compatibility via the EV OpenCharge range, allowing for a pay-to-charge solution using the EV driver’s smartphone and/or via authorise-to-charge RFID card/fob. Compatible with all EVs/PHEVs, the AUTOCHARGE:EV provides Mode 3 fast charging in both 3.6kW and 7.2kW, as well as SuperFast 11kW and 22kW speeds. SUITABLE FOR CAR PARKS WORKPLACES DEVELOPMENT SITES PUBLIC LOCATIONS Out of gallery KEY FEATURES OCPP 1.6 COMPLIANT BRANDING & COLOUR OPTIONS AVAILABLE GRANT FUNDABLE MODELS AVAILABLE SECURE & DURABLE GPRS / ETHERNET CONNECTIVITY IP RATED & UV STABILISED INTERESTED IN EV CHARGING? NEED A CHARGER? Please fill in the form and one of our EV Specialists will get back you ENQUIRE NOW SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS Heavy duty 1.5mm steel & applied with 45 – 55 microns of zinc primer DIMENSIONS 332mm (W) 1275mm (H) 270mm (D) PEDESTAL FINISH Corrosive resistant, textured Polyester powder coating INPUT VOLTAGE 230V AC/50Hz (Single Phase) 400V AC/50Hz (3 Phase) COMMUNICATIONS *Smart models only - GPRS (Recommended signal strength of 14 CSQ or above) RJ45 ethernet connection DATASHEETS AutoCharge EV FTU > AutoCharge EV FTU SuperFast > AutoCharge EV OpenCharge > AutoCharge EV OpenCharge SuperFast > FUTURE-PROOF, ROBUST & HARD-WEARING SMART EV CHARGER OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Key switch control charging RFID card/fobs Load Manager system (electrical distribution management) Corporate branding (colours, logo badge, etc.) Galvanised steel ground mounting base Protection barriers & charge point signage EV charging cables (Type 1 to Type 2 or Type 2 to Type 2) EV CHARGING RELATED PRODUCT RANGES Quantum:EV LEARN MORE BasicCharge:EV LEARN MORE SecuriCharge:EV LEARN MORE PRODUCT CODES EVPG0010 EVPG0011 EVPG0020 EVPG0021 EVPG0012 EVPG0013 EVPG0022 EVPG0023 OCPP0010 OCPP0011 OCPP0020 OCPP0021 OCPP0012 OCPP0013 OCPP0022 OCPP0023 EVCO0010 EVCO0011 EVCO0020 EVCO0021 EVCO0014 EVCO0015 EVCO0024 EVCO0025 EVCO0012 EVCO0013 EVCO0022 EVCO0023 EVCO0016 EVCO0017 EVCO0026 EVCO0027 GMPG0010 ENQUIRE NOW

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    WELCOME TO ROLEC SERVICES LTD ABOUT US Updated: 22.11.2021 Manufacturers of the UK’s largest range of smart AC and DC rapid chargers, suitable for all locations. TAKE A LOOK Global specialists in providing marina services across the most iconic marinas and waterside locations. TAKE A LOOK Leading experts in electrical hook-up and utility for caravan parks and holiday homes across the UK. TAKE A LOOK Rolec Services Ltd are manufacturers of the UK’s largest range of outdoor electrical equipment From electric vehicle charging points, marina service pedestals to caravan electrical hook-up units, our 30 years of experience has seen our products feature across some of the most prestigious and renowned brands and locations. More about us Save Up to £350 on your Smart EV Home Charger with OZEV Grant Funding FIND OUT HOW We're Hiring! Take a look at our exciting opportunities OUR CUSTOMERS Rolec’s 30 years of excellence in designing, manufacturing and installing outdoor electrical equipment is trusted throughout the world with some of the most iconic brands, organisations and establishments. INSIGHTS NEWS & BLOG View more insights EV Charging A partnership fit for the future of EV chargepoint installers & contractors Rolec, Universal Skills Group and NAPIT now offer a complete training solution to upskill... 30 November 2021, 14:06:06 Marina Services NEW: BerthVend, a cloud-based berth services management system for marinas across the world. Global leaders in marina services equipment, Rolec have... 16 November 2021, 13:32:56 EV Charging Rolec chosen as Saint Gobain’s chargepoint partner SAINT-GOBAIN UK & IRELAND, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors... 10 November 2021, 11:41:44 EV Charging VendElectric… Keeping the power of your chargepoints in your hands The discussion of businesses and organisations electrifying their fleets and deploying low... 9 November 2021, 15:49:13 Download our product brochures now to learn more about our services available DOWNLOAD NOW ENQUIRE NOW

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    DOWNLOADS EV CHARGING MARINA SERVICES CARAVAN HOOK-UPS CATALOGUE Product Ranges EV CHARGING AUTOCHARGE:EV DATASHEETS AutoCharge EV FTU - Data Sheet AutoCharge EV OpenCharge - Data Sheet AutoCharge EV FTU SuperFast - Data Sheet AutoCharge EV OpenCharge SuperFast - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET AutoCharge EV Range Overview Sheet BASICCHARGE:EV DATASHEETS BasicCharge EV FTU - Data Sheet BasicCharge EV OpenCharge - Data Sheet BasicCharge EV FTU Superfast - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET BasicCharge EV Range Overview Sheet CHARGECHECK:EV DATASHEET ChargeCheck EV - Data Sheet CUBICHARGE:EV DATASHEET CubiCharge EV FTU - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET CubiCharge EV Range Overview Sheet DC WALLBOX (RAPID) DATASHEET DC WallBox EV Rapid Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET DC Rapid Charger Range Overview Sheet QUANTUM:EV DATASHEETS Quantum EV FTU - Data Sheet Quantum EV OpenCharge - Data Sheet Quantum EV FTU SuperFast - Data Sheet Quantum EV OpenCharge SuperFast - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET Quantum EV Range Overview Sheet SECURICHARGE:EV DATASHEETS SecuriCharge EV FTU - Data Sheet SecuriCharge EV OpenCharge - Data Sheet SecuriCharge EV FTU Superfast - Data Sheet SecuriCharge EV OpenCharge SuperFast - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET SecuriCharge EV Range Overview Sheet STREETCHARGE:EV DATASHEET StreetCharge EV FTU - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET StreetCharge EV Range Overview Sheet STREETSERV:EV DATASHEET StreetServ EV FTU - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET StreetServ EV Range Overview Sheet UFC 200 DATASHEET UFC 200 - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET DC Rapid Charger Range Overview Sheet WALLPOD:EV DATASHEETS WallPod EV Socketed - Data Sheet WallPod EV Type2 Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV SuperFast Socketed - Data Sheet WallPod EV HomeSmart Socketed - Data Sheet WallPod EV HomeSmart Type2 Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV MultiMode - Data Sheet WallPod EV TruePEN Type1 Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV HomeSmart TruePEN Socketed - Data Sheet WallPod EV HomeSmart TruePEN Type2 Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV Type1 Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV OpenCharge Socketed - Data Sheet WallPod EV SuperFast Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV HomeSmart Type1 Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV Ready - Data Sheet WallPod EV TruePEN Socketed - Data Sheet WallPod EV TruePEN Type2 Tethered - Data Sheet WallPod EV HomeSmart TruePEN Type1 Tethered - Data Sheet OVERVIEW SHEET WallPod EV Range Overview Sheet HomeSmart EV Overview Sheet System Overviews VENDELECTRIC SYSTEM OVERVIEW SHEET VendElectric - System Overview Sheet Load Management System Overview VendElectric Driver App User Guide VendElectric - Installer's Guide VendElectric - Hosts Guide HOMESMART:EV SYSTEM OVERVIEW SHEET HomeSmart EV Overview Sheet EV OPENCHARGE SYSTEM OVERVIEW SHEET EV OpenCharge - Overview Sheet Other Resources EV CHARGE CABLES DATASHEET Mode 3 EV Charging Cables - Data Sheet Mode 2 10A-16A Adjustable Portable EV Charging Box Type 2 - Schuko Plug (5m) Mode 2 10A Portable EV Charging Box Type 2 - UK Plug (5m) Mode 2 10A-16A Adjustable Portable EV Charging Box Type 2 - CEE Plug (5m) OZEV WORKPLACE CHARGING SCHEME (WCS) EXPLANATORY DOCUMENT OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme - Explanatory Document OPEN CHARGE POINT PROTOCOL (​OCPP) EXPLANATORY DOCUMENT OCPP - Explanatory Document TruePEN PME Fault Detection EXPLANATORY DOCUMENT TruePEN - Explanatory Document

  • A partnership fit for the future of EV chargepoint installers & contractors

    NEWS EV Charging A partnership fit for the future of EV chargepoint installers & contractors Sultana Rahman 30 November 2021, 14:12:35 Rolec , Universal Skills Group and NAPIT now offer a complete training solution to upskill future EV chargepoint installers. It goes without saying that the future is looking electrifying for the EV industry and alike, particularly for electricians who are seeking to diversify their offering to their customers. Although the overall vehicle industry experienced a significant downfall in registrations in September 2021, for electric vehicles, the month was its best yet. With just under 33,000 electric vehicles registered, equating to 15.2% of the overall vehicle market share, it’s without a doubt fair to say that the UK is experiencing a significant surge of interest in the adoption of electric vehicles. Doubts were expressed during the infancy of the ‘EV revolution,’ but now, we have never been so sure that electric vehicles are indeed the future. Leading the charge with unparalleled training The ever-growing electric vehicle charging landscape has provided thousands of electrical installers and contractors a wealth of opportunities, from domestic installations, to commercial installations. As more and more drivers make the transition to driving an electric vehicle and businesses begin to deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructures across their premises, now is the perfect time to introduce electric vehicle chargepoint installations to your portfolio. Universal Skills Group, one of the leading training providers, complete with a state-of-the-art training facility, continues to lead the charge by offering future electric vehicle chargepoint installers with a complete training journey. Training electricians using Rolec’s vast range of charging products, future chargepoint installers can benefit from first-hand experience on how to install domestic and commercial charging points, whilst also learning about smart back office management systems, OCPP compliant solutions and much more. Out of gallery There are a number of financial incentives in place for electric vehicle drivers, one of them being the Office for Zero Emissions (OZEV) grant funding programmes; allowing EV drivers and businesses to benefit from cost savings towards the purchase and installation of their chosen electric vehicle charging points. When enrolling on a course with Universal Skills Group, electrical installers will learn about the different types of OZEV grant funding available (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme and Workplace Charging Scheme), whilst also getting to know what OZEV grant funded solutions Rolec has to offer. Once completing Universal Skills Group’s electric vehicle charging course, installers can join the OZEV register of approved installers, enabling them to claim the grants for future electric vehicle chargepoint installations. Electrical installers who complete the course will also be welcomed to join Rolec’s dedicated product training webinar, providing them with a thorough understanding of Rolec’s range of AC fast and DC rapid charging solutions, including their smart back office management solutions. From one of the UK’s best-selling domestic charging points (WallPod:EV HomeSmart) to the Delta UFC 200 rapid charging station, all will be covered in the comprehensive product training webinar. Organisations wishing to claim the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Grant (EVHS) or Workplace Charging Grant (WCS) must be authorised by OZEV before any chargepoints are installed. In order to become OZEV registered installers must provide proof of registration to a Competent Person Scheme (CPS). CPS membership with NAPIT will allow you to self-certificate EV Charge points and other notifiable domestic electrical work under Part P of the Building Regulations for England and Wales and includes a host of other additional benefits such as a free technical helpline, discounted insurance and certification software, NAPIT FastTest amongst much more. To find out more about NAPIT visit: www.napit.org.uk To book your electric vehicle chargepoint training course with Universal Skills Group , please visit: https://universalskillsgroup.co.uk/collections/ev-charge-point-installer PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Rolec chosen as Saint Gobain’s chargepoint partner for the roll out of 4,500 EV charging points VendElectric… Keeping the power of your chargepoints in your hands Future-proofing your holiday home with electric vehicle charging

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    Home Site Structure About Us Site Structure Covid-19 Statement COVID-19 STATEMENT Rolec’s next steps for COVID Safety on Site Last Updated: Monday 12nd July 2021 This is to inform you that for the foreseeable future ROLEC Services will continue to follow the COVID – 19 Policy that is at present in place for the business. We are aware that the Government has decided that some of the present restrictions will be lifted after the 19th of July 2021. However, it is for the individual businesses to follow their own policy and continue with safe practices to protect all their employees and visitors to the business. We have therefore decided that we will continue to use face covers in busy areas and when moving around the offices and factory facilities, continue to follow social distancing best practice and maintain sanitising stations throughout the site. All measures laid out in the COVID – 19 Policy as of March 2021 will remain in place therefore, please review and remind yourself of this Policy. (This will be reviewed on a Monthly basis.) For more information please read our Staying Covid-19 Secure Notice Thank you for your ongoing support. Stay safe and take care. The team at Rolec Services Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US

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    SIMPLE SMARTCARD SYSTEM FOR MARINA ELECTRIC & WATER SUPPLIES SmartVend SmartVend offers marina operators with a simple to use and easy to install smartcard controlled marina service pedestal solution. This solution is ideal for marinas, boatyards and waterfront locations that do not desire, or have the capacity to, install data cabling or a networked management system. Designed to work as an individual, standalone system, SmartVend marina service pedestals can be installed without the requirement for any communication cabling or network management systems. Simply connect your destination’s incoming electric cable and water pipe - and it’s ready to use! Home Site Structure Marina Services Site Structure Metering & Management Systems Site Structure SmartMaster Solo SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE SMARTCARD CONTROL • • • • • Uses contactless, reuseable RFID smartcards Card reader and user display at every berth Pedestal display shows service outlet and card credit values Measures exact electricity and water values consumed Two way communication allows transfer of credit from smartcard to pedestal and refund of unused credit from pedestal to smartcard • • • Single phase and three phase supplies 16A to 250A electrical supplies ½” to 1” water supplies • Operation and maintenance manual with every order Out of gallery A SMART SOLUTION FOR ALL MARINA REQUIREMENTS Each SmartVend marina service pedestal is specifically configured to the marina, providing security and can be made available in the country’s local language. This popular solution is simple to use for both berth holders and marina operators and offers many benefits. KEY FEATURES EASY TO USE SOFTWARE ELECTRIC & WATER METERING PRE-PAID RFID CARDS NO MANUAL BILLING MULTI LANGUAGE NO CHASING PAYMENTS BERTH HOLDER BENEFITS • Cashless System - No requirement for cash, simply top-up your smartcard and pay for services as and when required. • Convenient - No admin authorisation required before using the service pedestal. • Use at Anytime - Accessible even when the marina office is closed. • Control - Only pay for consumption used. • Extra Security - The credit is assigned to the smartcard and not to the berth specifically. Visibility - Easily track how much credit is remaining on the service pedestal and know when to top-up at the marina office. • MARINA OPERATOR BENEFITS • Self Operating System – The pedestals will dispense electricity/water services according to the credit made available. • Flexible Tariffs – Can apply multiple tariffs for different services. • Pre-pay Solution – Berth holders always pay for their services upfront. • Reduce Administration Tasks - Reduce the amount of admin required to manage customers and eliminate the need for customer invoicing. • Self-contained – Administered smartcards can only operate on your marina. OPTIONAL • • • Optional marina access gate control Optional sanitation pump-out control Optional fuel control For more details on the SmartVend system VIEW OVERVIEW EXTRAS • Optional electric vehicle charging control Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US MARINA PRODUCT RANGES Classic Pedestals LEARN MORE Quantum Pedestals LEARN MORE Titan Waterfront USB Charging Pedestal LEARN MORE ENQUIRE NOW

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    VIDEOS Rolec Marina | BerthVend Rolec EV | VendElectric Smart Back Office Management System for Businesses Rolec EV | WallPod:EV HomeSmart Colour Combinations Rolec EV | Quantum:EV Branded Solutions Rolec EV | Built-in TruePEN with Rolec EV Rolec EV | UFC 200 Charging Station | Ultra-fast Charging in Partnership with Delta Rolec | Product Range

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    INTRODUCING WALLPOD : EV HOMESMART Fully Installed From Just £549 * (inc. VAT) Save £350 - OZEV Grant Funding, Find out how... ENQUIRE NOW Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure For EV Drivers Site Structure Home Charging The WallPod:EV HomeSmart is a home electric vehicle charging point, allowing EV drivers to control and manage their charging behaviour and activity. Compatible with all EV/PHEV models, the WallPod:EV HomeSmart enables electric vehicle drivers to operate their charging within the tap of a finger. The user interacts with the charging point via their mobile phone or tablet using the free ev.energy app. NEW! WallPod:EV HomeSmart with built-in TruePEN Reducing installation time & costs. Fully installed from £549 * (inc. VAT) (*Price includes OZEV grant) Models available: Type 2, Mode 3, Socketed Charge Points Type 1, Mode 3, Tethered Charge Points Type 2, Mode 3, Tethered Charge Points ​ Charging Speed: 3.6kW (16A) or 7.2kW (32A) VIEW DATASHEET *all prices subject to site survey/site conditions/location of property/location of charging point/OZEV & Rolec Ts & Cs (April 1st, 2020 until further notice) WHY CHOOSE A ROLEC HOMESMART EV CHARGING POINT? KEY FEATURES GRANT FUNDABLE SAFETY IN THE HOME CERTIFIED 3 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED FREE MANUFACTURED IN THE UK MOBILE APP CONTROLLED SMART CHARGING IP RATED & UV STABILISED POWERFUL SMART CHARGING APP The WallPod :EV HomeSmart’s charging app automatically captures off-peak rates by smart charging your car and instantly integrates any home energy tariff. It’s the easy way to save money and reduce your carbon emissions when charging your EV. Easy to use and easy to set up, our app gives you full control over your EV charging. Thinking of getting a Smart Home EV charging point? Download the ev.energy app today and explore all the great ways you can control the new WallPod :EV HomeSmart from your smart device. It’s FREE to download now. HOMESMART EV FEATURES GPRS CONNECTIVITY ANALYTICS & INSIGHTS SECURE COMMUNICATIONS EXPORTABLE CHARGING DATA kWh METERING OPTIMISES YOUR CHARGE WITH ENERGY TARIFF & RENEWABLES TRUE PEN FEATURES A safe and compliant solution for your electric vehicle home charging requirements, saving installation time and costs! NO EARTH ELECTRODE /ROD REQUIRED Built-in PME fault detection BUILT-IN TRUEPEN PME FAULT DETECTION SAVE INSTALLATION COSTS & TIME HOMESMART EV compatible with STYLISH & INTUITIVE DESIGN The WallPod :EV HomeSmart is a cost effective and stylish electric vehicle charger, available in a range of colours and fitted with the latest smart technology which can be integrated with any smart mobile phone. Each charger has a built-in modem and GPRS SIM card which automatically and securely connects over the Vodafone (or other) mobile phone network to a smart charging back-office platform. Would you like to know more information? Am I Eligible for this £350 OZEV EVHS Grant? ENQUIRE NOW WHAT'S INCLUDED The WallPod:EV HomeSmart is simple to order, install and set up. Customers ordering a new charger can enjoy: Installation within 7-10 working days by a Rolec approved installer Simple and easy smart set up with ev.energy (typically <2 minutes) Dedicated software & hardware technical support 3-year hardware warranty 3-year connectivity and support from ev.energy** **At the end of 3 years, customers are free to either continue (charges may apply) or cancel the ev.energy subscription. SIX EASY STEPS TO WALLPOD: EV HOMESMART INSTALLATION 01 Choose Your WallPod Take a look at our EV charging points above, or contact one of our sales team for more information: t: 01205 724754 e: homecharging@rolecserv.co.uk 02 Apply Online Fill out the enquiry form on the website. Confirming you also have a suitable GPRS network signal. 03 Contacting You One of our approved nationwide installation partners will soon be in touch to have a chat and find out your requirements. They may ask you to send some pictures of key locations around your property related to the installation. 04 Confirmation Prior to your installation day, the installer will be in touch again to confirm their arrival time. At this stage you may also be given a request for payment. 05 Installation Today is the day! After running through some checks with you the installer will get down to work. When they have completed the installation they will test your charger and circuit - and provide you with all necessary documentation. 06 Ready To Go Now you are all set up and can charge your EV whenever you wish! Should you experience any problems just contact our Aftersales Technical Support Team on 01205 724754. EV CHARGING PRODUCT RANGES WallPod:EV LEARN MORE StreetServ:EV LEARN MORE ENQUIRE NOW

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    FOR BUSINESSES Delivering EV charging solutions for businesses and organisations of all sizes Discover our range of business solutions, providing EV charging facilities for all business/organisation requirements CONTACT US EV PRODUCT RANGES Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure For Businesses FOR BUSINESSES Workplace Charging TAKE A LOOK Commercial Charging TAKE A LOOK Fleet Charging TAKE A LOOK Residential Charging TAKE A LOOK Development Charging TAKE A LOOK Event Charging TAKE A LOOK ENQUIRE NOW

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