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3 reasons why your caravan park requires EV charging

12 December 2023 at 11:07:44

So, you have noticed an increase in electric vehicle driving visitors, what next?

Drivers across the UK are opting for an electric vehicle as their car of choice at a rapid rate; with cheaper running costs, grant funded incentives and a positive impact on the environment, we canno’t blame them! As caravan/holiday park operators, you have probably already noticed an influx in electric vehicle drivers visiting your destinations, so why should you start thinking about charging infrastructure now?

Generate more visitors

By providing the facilities to recharge, you are welcoming a significant number of EV drivers to visit your destination. Drivers of electric vehicles often plan their trips based on whether the end destination offers EV charging, therefore deploying EV charging points at your caravan/holiday park will immediately place your destination as a desirable place to visit. With drivers at peace of mind knowing that they can easily recharge their EVs on your premises, your EV driving visitors are more likely to recommend your caravan/holiday park destination to the ever growing EV community, thus increasing visitor footfall.

Additional Business Revenue Stream

Deploying EV charging infrastructure at your caravan/holiday park with Rolec allows you take full advantage of EV Charge Online, a back office management system that provides you, as the chargepoint operator complete control over your chargepoints. This includes the ability to offer your visitors EV charging using flexible pricing models, for example you may choose to offer free charging for employees, whilst visitors pay for their charging sessions throughout their stay. By doing this, your caravan/holiday can easily generate additional revenue, whilst also maximising chargepoint return on investment.

Up to £14,000 Grant Funding Available

There is a common perception that deploying EV charging points can be a costly procedure, however did you know that your caravan/holiday park could be eligible for up to £14,000 OLEV grant funding? Because the government is keen to support the electrification of transport, the Workplace Charging Scheme enables destinations like caravan/holiday parks to benefit from grant funding towards the purchase and installation of EV charging points. With up to £700 per charging unit available and the ability to install up to 40 charging sockets, your caravan/holiday park could be the next go-to destination for the growing number of electric vehicle drivers.

For more on how your caravan/holiday park can benefit from EV charging infrastructure, please visit:

For more on OLEV grant funding towards your chargepoints, please visit:

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