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3 reasons why your marina will benefit from EV charging.

12 December 2023 at 11:07:54

The future of transport is changing at a speed like never before, drivers are now opting for cleaner and greener modes of transport, with many choosing to drive an electric vehicle (EV). This is a worldwide phenomenon with EV uptake occurring on a daily basis, meaning that drivers require the facilities to recharge their vehicles in public spaces. Rolec design, manufacture and install a vast range of EV charging points, suitable for all locations, allowing EV drivers to recharge their vehicles with ease and excellence. Here are three reasons why offering EV charging to your visitors could be the best decision you’ve made…

Additional Revenue Stream

With Rolec’s state-of-the-art back office management system, EV Charge.Online, marina operators are able to control and manage user tariffs to suit each business requirement. Marina managers and operators are therefore capable of generating further income from offering EV charging as an additional service. EV Charge.Online also allows marina operators to adjust their tariffs to accommodate busy periods; for example, marinas could charge their visitors more for recharging during bank holidays, evenings and or weekends. Numerous marinas have noticed a return on investment within months of installing Rolec’s EV charging points at their destinations and continue to generate further income as the demand for electric vehicles increases.

Visitor Retention

Those who drive an electric vehicle are known to be conscious about whether a destination offers EV charging or not. If a destination does offer the facilities to recharge electric vehicles, EV drivers are more likely to visit that destination as opposed to destinations that do not offer EV charging. Offering your visitors the ability to recharge their vehicles is an effective method of maintaining visitors and creating a loyal customer base. If your EV driving visitors can recharge their electric vehicles at your destination, expect them to return!

Green Credentials

Almost every business around the world looks to create a better environment for the future and many are joining the EV revolution by either adopting a fleet of electric vehicles or implementing EV charging infrastructure across their outdoor settings. By deploying EV charging points at your marina or waterfront destination positions your business at the forefront of its industry in being advocates of a better environment. Whilst doing this, situating EV charging points at your destination can also encourage employees and non-EV driving visitors to adopt an electric vehicle for a cleaner and green environment. Simply put, installing EV charging points at your marina indicates that you are doing your part and have a commitment to ensuring a greater environment for the future of the planet.

For more on EV charging for your marina or waterfront destinations, visit:

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