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Supporting UK Marinas Attract Visitors from Far and Wide

12 December 2023 at 11:07:39

Let’s face it, this year has been somewhat strange for all of us. The terms ‘lockdown’ and ‘restrictions’ have placed the world at a standstill, however despite all of the Covid-19 uncertainty, Rolec Marina has continued to flourish in the UK marina market, transforming destinations, ready for visitors to take a well-deserved getaway once all of this is over! Read more as we discuss three of our exciting UK marina projects…

Tarbert Harbour

One of our projects included the complete refurbishment of Tarbert Harbour, voted one of the top ten Instagrammable destinations in Scotland by Vogue. We were invited back by Tarbert Harbour’s team after approximately 15 years to transform their harbour with 53 of our highly acclaimed Classic Smartcard Metered Service Pedestals, which include LED illumination and water taps. By opting for our prepay MID approved Smartcard metering system, the marina operator at Tarbert Harbour now benefits from a modern solution for controlling and managing their berth electric supplies. Visitors of the destination can now simply pay for their electric supplies using reusable Smartcards, offering an efficient user experience whilst saving man-hours for the marina team.

Pauline Laycock, Marina Office Manager at Tarbert Harbour said:

“We have been associated with Rolec Services for many years and always found them to be professional with high quality customer care; so when we decided to replace all our pontoon service pedestals (53 in total), we contacted Rolec for information on the most suitable for our requirements.

Their team could not have been more helpful. Assuring we got the right pedestal for our purposes and answering all our questions no matter what they were.

They were quick and professional and the installation was completed ahead of time.

We found the software easy to install and our customers have already seen the benefit of the new pedestals; which are designed to a high standard and have helped us continue with our ethos of providing the best service we can to all our customers.”

Largs Yacht Haven

As well established marina services providers across the world, it is always exciting for us to be invited back for projects at destinations we are familiar with. Largs Yacht Haven have benefited from our services for over 30 years, so transforming the destination once again was a true delight. This particular project included upgrading Largs Yacht Haven’s 730 berth marina, which involved stripping out the entire electrical system and replacing with 117 of our Classic Service Pedestals (complete with LED illumination), allowing berthing excellence for boating enthusiasts as well as 12 of our must-have Distribution Units.

Situated in Scotland, Largs Yacht Haven is placed in the perfect destination for those who enjoy exploring scenic surroundings. We began our work in January 2020, although the weather wasn’t as pleasant as desired, we continued to refurbish the marina, even throughout three storms! As three months passed, we were forced to stop the upgrade works on Largs Yacht Haven due to the worldwide health crisis, however, we resumed once again in July, allowing us to completely transform the destination. Although times were challenging during our project with Largs Yacht Haven, the completed result was well worth the journey!

John Stewart, Marina Manager at Largs Yacht Haven said:

“Having worked with Rolec Services over the last thirty years, we decided to use their expertise to upgrade over half the electricity modules in our 730 berth marina. The upgrade involved stripping out the entire electrical system and replacing with new distribution boxes and modules. Work started as planned, on the eight week upgrade, in early January 2020 but unfortunately due to Covid was not completed until July.

Rolec Services and their employees on site did a fantastic job maintaining a power supply to our berth holder’s boats during the busy early Summer months. We now have one lit module for every two boats, 16 and 32 amp sockets as required and no cables crossing the pontoons, eliminating trip hazards.”

Braunston Marina

Located in Daventry and a major centre for leisure craft and narrow boats, Braunston Marina is a destination that we are familiar with, having installed their very first service pedestals back in 1995. After 25 years, Braunston Marina decided to revamp and upgrade their destination. Although Covid-19 saw visitors drop, the health crisis provided them with a ‘silver lining,’ enabling them to repair and upgrade their facilities for future visitors.

Choosing Rolec once again was without a doubt fantastic news for us; working with old customers and seeing their marinas transform always brings us great joy. Two out of four phases have been completed, once the project has been finalised, Braunston Marina will benefit from 74 of our industry leading LED illuminated Classic Service Pedestals (a mixture of 2way and 4way styles), all of which are equipped with MID approved metering. Opting for our MID approved metering system provides visitors and the marina managers with a simple to use and mooring experience, providing the ideal solution for all. The next two phases are set to start in spring 2021 and our engineers certainly cannot wait to get started. With a brand new, updated and modern look, we are sure that Braunston Marina’s visitors will continue to enjoy their stay with enhanced aesthetics and greater efficiency when using our Classic Service Pedestals.

Graham Newman, General Manager at Braunston Marina said:

“As we know only too well, the quality of Rolec’s products is so good that they can easily provide twenty five years of service. We only changed their existing bollards to take advantage of the many technological improvements since we first started installing them in 1995, when we were amongst the first inland waterways marina to do so, and the internet hardly existed. We have donated the old bollards to small boatyards that work with us, where no doubt they will see another 25 years of service! “

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