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EV Charging

5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging.

12 December 2023 at 11:07:53

Workplace charging isn’t new, in fact, many businesses across the country have been offering their staff and visitors EV charging facilities for quite some time now. Frankie Mellon, Head of EV Charging outlines five reasons why your workplace will benefit from allowing both staff and visitors to recharge their vehicles at your premises.

1. Up to £14,000 OLEV grant funding available

With the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) seeking to make transport cleaner and greener for the future of the environment, the £14,000 grant funding provides businesses the chance to deploy EV charging infrastructure without worrying about a hefty price tag. With £350 per socket available, a total of 40 EV charging points can be installed across your workplace, completely preparing your business for the projected increase in EV adoption.

2. Charge Your Visitors

If you’ve noticed that more and more of your visitors and clients are driving an EV, deploying EV charging infrastructure is a great way to generate additional revenue. All of our chargepoints are designed to operate via either free-to-use or pay-to-charge options, allowing your business to maximise your chargepoint’s potential. The beauty of this is that it enables businesses to adopt flexible pricing models; you may choose to offer your employees free EV charging whilst offering visitors charging at a cost, the choice is completely yours.

3. Keep Employees Satisfied

Workplaces are often considering ways in how they can keep their employees satisfied whilst making them feel valued. Providing EV charging on-site whilst employees complete their time at work is the perfect way to ensure that staff are satisfied with their workplace. Supplying the means to recharge their EVs will also create peace of mind as employees are able to begin their commutes back home with sufficient and/or full charge.

4. Encourage EV Uptake & Improve Local Air Quality

Making the transition to an EV is dependent on various factors, one of them being whether the driver can recharge conveniently without any hassle. Situating chargepoints at your workplace is an effective way to increase confidence in EV uptake, allowing employees to park and charge without looking for chargepoint locations elsewhere. In turn, this will improve local air quality, due to the number of EV drivers at your workplace not driving ICE vehicles.

5. Reputation for Environmental Responsibility

Most businesses have environmental policies in place, but adding EV charging to the policies is an effective way to gain a great reputation for being forward-thinkers in initiating change for the good within your business. By deploying electric vehicle charging infrastructure, your business will also generate further green credentials, showcasing your workplace as a place that encourages developments for a better and healthier environment.

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