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EV Charging

Supporting Your Transition to a Zero Emissions Fleet

12 December 2023 at 11:07:43

With fleet electrification a focal point of discussion for businesses and organisations across the UK, we discuss how our EV charging solutions can support your transition to a zero emissions fleet.

It goes without saying that businesses and organisations are now committing to cleaner, greener policies to meet local air quality and national emissions targets. Whilst the current healthcare crisis has impacted businesses/organisations financially, decision makers are pondering ways in how they can save costs, especially within their transportation departments. Unsurprisingly, many are opting to electrify their fleet - the substantial savings in running costs being a key reason. Fleet electrification can be a daunting process for some, however, with Rolec’s vast range of EV charging solutions matched with attentive fleet support, our combination of hardware and software presents a seamless and stress-free transition for businesses/organisations across the UK.

Future-proof & scalable EV charging infrastructure

We understand that introducing electric vehicles to your fleet requires robust and reliable EV charging infrastructure, allowing your company car drivers to simply plug in and recharge. Our future-proof and scalable EV charging solution not only ensures that your vehicles are charged ready for the journeys ahead, our solution also allows your business to increase the number of chargepoints at your premises as and when demand for EVs increases. With EV Charge.Online’s ability to operate an unlimited number of chargepoints, your charging infrastructure can be adapted to meet your ongoing electrification plans.

Your own EV charging network = complete control!

Our EV Charge.Online back office management system is designed specifically to provide your business/organisation with complete control over your own EV charging network.This way, you are able to manage and monitor your chargepoint activity, for example activate charging of the vehicles that require charging. For businesses/organisations seeking to diversify the use of their chargepoints, EV Charge.Online also enables businesses/organisations to set specific tariffs for public use. For example, fleet divers are able to recharge for free, whilst visitors to your premises pay a fee to recharge.

Electrical load management

Often, power supply and demand is a concerning matter for businesses/organisations when EV charging enters the equation. Questions such as ‘how will EV charging impact my site’s power’ and ‘does my premises have enough power for EV charging points’ are frequently asked amongst novices within the EV charging industry. EV Charge.Online’s electrical load management feature eliminates these worries, allowing for a more cost-effective, efficient EV charging solution as opposed to implementing costly infrastructure changes and upgrading grid systems. By distributing available power to each individual chargepoint and balancing the supply of electricity at your premises, EV Charge.Online’selectrical load management feature ensures that your fleet of electric vehicles are recharged efficiently without exceeding the total power supply.

Support throughout

As we understand that the EV industry is new to most businesses/organisations, we are also aware that the concept of electrification can be challenging. Because of this, our dedicated team of fleet EV charging professionals are here to support your journey every step of the way. From understanding how many chargepoints are required for your vehicles to recharge, to guiding you through EV Charge Online’s host management platform; our team is here to help you become a cleaner and greener business.

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