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EV Charging

Future-proofing your holiday home with electric vehicle charging

12 December 2023 at 11:07:25

More and more holiday homeowners are now offering electric vehicle charging to their visitors and why shouldn’t they? Doing your bit for the environment and purchasing a zero-emission vehicle shouldn’t cause any inconvenience further down the line. Unfortunately, many people are still struggling to find self-catering accommodations that provide the facilities to recharge their vehicles because there are so few. However, now is the perfect time to prepare and install electric vehicle charging stations to your destination as it will allow you to start offering your charging facilities ready for the next holiday season.

By installing electric vehicle charging points at your holiday home/cottage, you and your visitors can experience a whole host of features and benefits.

You’ll be able to accommodate for all types of visitors, which will attract and encourage many more holidaymakers and UK staycation enthusiasts to stay at your holiday home. Your accommodation will immediately provide EV driving guests with an even more relaxing stay, as well as a peace of mind knowing that they can recharge as and when they need to. They won’t be restricted on how far they can travel to explore while visiting and will be able to leave with a full charge when it’s time to travel home. That eliminates any stress of trying to find the nearest EV charging station in an unfamiliar area, by implementing electric vehicle charging points at your holiday home/cottage alone can provide EV driving guests with an overall positive stay from start to finish. As electric vehicle drivers are always on the look-out for destinations with the facilities to recharge; more than often, electric vehicle drivers will visit a destination more than once if the destination provided EV charging. Installing electric vehicle charging points at your holiday home/cottage could generate a loyal customer base, especially if holiday homes/cottages nearby do not offer the facilities to recharge electric vehicles.

The popular, established company “Airbnb” have just recently introduced a filter to their website/ app where you can narrow your search to only show listings that offer electric vehicle charging facilities, this will provide your holiday home/ cottage more exposure to the public, which can lead to an increased footfall, which in turn allows you to generate additional revenue.

A common factor that can discourage people from installing an electric charging infrastructure is the costs associated with the purchase and installation of the charging points, but did you know that with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV grant) you can receive a grant of up to £350 off each socket. With our OZEV grant funded electric vehicle charging points, you can generate additional revenue by setting chargepoint user tariffs. By doing this, your holiday home/ cottage can easily generate additional revenue, whilst also maximising chargepoint return on investment.

The environment needs protecting more now than ever before and many people are beginning to opt for “eco-friendly holidays” to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, many climate-conscious holidaymakers are choosing to holiday in the UK, travelling to and from their desired destinations driving their zero-emissions vehicles. Deploying electric vehicle charging stations at your holiday home/ cottage shows that you’re encouraging environmental change, which could potentially attract eco-friendly holidaymakers.

For more on how your holiday home/cottage can benefit from installing electric vehicle charging points:

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