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Here Comes the Sun; Rolec EV and The Solar Advisory Service Announce Strategic Partnership

21 May 2024 at 09:14:10

Outdoor electrical experts and one of the UK’s first EV chargepoint manufacturers, Rolec, and UK-based solar panel engineer and installation partners The Solar Advisory Service have joined forces in a joint mission to spread green energy solutions nationwide.

Rolec, who have a full range of solar compatible chargepoints, have been named The Solar Advisory Service’s official EV charging partner. Like solar energy and electric transportation, the partnership between Rolec and The Solar Advisory Service is a partnership founded on a common goal - a passion to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

The joint scale of this endeavour means that both companies will be able to provide residential and commercial clients with a comprehensive solution to green energy, starting at the home and extending to public spaces.

James Jarvis, Senior Business Development Manager at Rolec, had this to say:

“From our very first meeting with The Solar Advisory Service, it was clear that our companies shared aligned goals and recognised the immense potential of a partnership.

Not long after, I extended a further invitation to The Solar Advisory Service to visit Rolec at HQ, where we provided them with the opportunity to not only see our operations and custom-built training academy firsthand, but also to begin implementing our plan for strategic development.

It was a great honour for The Solar Advisory Service to confirm their interest in partnering with us, based on what they observed and experienced during these interactions with the Rolec team, and we are full-heartedly enthusiastic about the combined opportunities we have set out ahead of us.

I am eagerly anticipating working closely with The Solar Advisory Service team to provide EV charging solutions nationwide.”

Jamie Lynch, Chief Operating Officer at Solar Advisory Service, added:

"Our partnership with Rolec is a testament to our shared vision of a more sustainable future.

Together, we are poised to revolutionise the way people power their homes, businesses, and vehicles, paving the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Whether it's solar energy installations, EV charging points, or integrated packages combining both technologies, customers can now access a comprehensive suite of services under one roof.

We were delighted to sit down with Frankie Mellon and James Jarvis from Rolec, where we were met with nothing but enthusiasm and guidance. Their expertise in EV charging technology complements our offerings perfectly, and we are excited to work with their experience and resources to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

As we embark on this journey together, we are confident that our partnership with Rolec will enable us to redefine the future of renewable energy and EV charging, through collaboration, dedication, and a shared commitment to excellence, we will continue to lead the charge towards Net Zero.”

The Solar Advisory Service has long been at the forefront of renewable energy solutions, championing both solar energy and EV charging infrastructure with a dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation. With over 24 years of expertise in the energy sector and more than 25 years in electrical engineering, the Solar Advisory Service team is set to lead the transition to clean energy with an ever-expanding array of end-to-end services.

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