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EV Charging

Powering St. Modwen for a Greener Future

Chloe Sharp

29 May 2024 at 15:47:47

A hands on approach

As one of the longest standing EV chargepoint manufacturers in the UK, we have cultivated an extensive repertoire of projects globally. Working alongside not only developers like St Modwens but also those of Skanska, KIER, Goodman, Balfour Beatty, and more. Which has meant developing an adaptive approach to electric vehicle hardware that best meets the needs of businesses and developers.

And for us, this starts with unit design. By prioritising British manufacturing and developing a team of dedicated research and development engineers, we have our hand in all aspects of product testing and design. Constantly adapting our chargepoints to meet the needs of different industries and building designs.

Diverse product range

Units are divided into two groups: pedestals and wall-mounted units. Each of which has benefits for different use cases. Pedestals, for example, are optimal for shared locations, like workspaces and residential estates. They are designed to optimise available floor space by charging up to 4 cars simultaneously, have increased visibility thanks to their LED amenity

lighting and eye-catching design.

On the other side of the coin, wall-mounted chargers (like our SecuriCharge unit) are the optimal choice for locations with less available floor space, such as underground car parks. Something that can also be a major consideration when installing hardware in more confined spaces.

Increasingly more important following the introduction of Part S, all major new developments need to designate a minimum of 20% EV parking (with charging) for visitors to the site. Something that can provide a unique set of challenges. Our 15 years of industry experience has perfectly positioned us to advise you through this process, from project conception to installation, and ongoing support.

Support every step of the way

Our team of specialist support staff, dedicated account managers and residential chargepoint experts are poised to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the future of charging at your development or business.

As such, we offer CPD-Accredited support that includes industry insights, statistics, trends, updates to regulations, and the latest product developments related to our EV charging solutions.

We understand the importance of preparing you with all the information before embarking on your project, which is why we also provide BIM & CAD packages, to make it easier to visualise chargepoints in your design, before even breaking ground.

Combined with our sophisticated hardware designs, when your project does begin, the installation process will be as quick and seamless as possible. Our units are designed with completely removable front panels, to provide ample access to their internal hardware, to make installation and maintenance easier.

And we work alongside smart back-office software providers to ensure users and operators have access to smart features that enhance the charging experience. Supported by smart hardware, like RFID cards and MID-approved metering for accuracy of monitoring and billing.

Keeping it green

Despite Rishi Sunak’s disappointing pulling away from the UK’s ambitious net zero aims, sustainable transport has continued to be an industry that has sustained growth thanks, in majority, to the fleet and logistics sectors.

The prime minister’s announcement seems to have had no impact on the public’s desire for environmental change and businesses continue to champion electric vehicles as the future for their fleets.

We, as a company, have set ourselves our own environmental aims: reducing waste by transitioning to 100% recyclable packing. Something that has already turned heads in the industry, being awarded commendations at the most recent UK Packaging Awards.

Convenience is key

A recent BVRLA report showed that nearly half of the company cars delivered in the first three months of this year were battery electric vehicles. And this growing appetite among fleets has also had an impact on charging behaviour. We have been seeing an increased demand for fleet DC charging, as operators want to reduce the time vehicles remain idle.

In response to this we have remained a reliable source of DC hardware, providing scalable solutions with short lead times to support a speedy transition to green travel. All of which are easy to install, maintain and come with the full Rolec support package.

Rolec EV remains one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of smart OCPP compliant AC fast and DC rapid chargers. Our extensive stock holding enables us to offer next-day delivery across our AC range and just 3-5 day delivery on the DC range of stocked chargers.

Click here for more information about our Development Charging Solutions

Check out our range of Part S compliant chargepoints -

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