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8 July 2024 at 11:27:30

Ahoy there Skipper! Have you missed us? Well, worry no longer, we are back with a splash… and a hop, skip and jump.

In this, our latest news piece, we’ll be recapping the Marina projects that we’ve been working on over the past few months, taking you on a journey across land and sea starting in the UK and ending all the way in the land of Norway.

And this time, we’re giving you even more! With a recap of our latest projects in the Leisure industry too. Buckle up…

Our first project is one with two decades of history…

We first started working with boatfolk in the early 2000s as they started to build their network of innovative UK boating locations. Now, they boast a network of 11 marinas across the UK, with facilities to engage every kind of boat folk out there. 

Today, we’ll be focusing on two exciting new projects that will be soon underway at Royal Quays Marina and Conwy Marina.

Royal Quays Marina

Over the years we have continued to see the marina industry grow, and this project is a great example of exactly that. Voted Yacht Harbour Association’s ’Marina of the Year’ for 2019, 2020, 2022 and 2023, it’s no wonder that Royal Quays Marina was feeling the need for expansion.

As part of an ambitious project to develop their six pre-existing piers and the addition of two more, boatfolk reached out to us to supply and install electricity, water and safety hardware.

In total we will be supplying them with just shy of 80 Classic Service Pedestals, ranging from 16amp to 32amp single phase outlets with Smartcard meters - to facilitate smooth customer payment. As well as, eight stainless steel distribution units, seven classic SOS pedestals and 18 galvanised steel water stands.

All of which will be installed on-site by our dedicated team of marina engineers and supported by a sophisticated electrical cable and water system.

Conwy Marina

Built in 1994, Conwy Marina is located in North Wales adjacent to the renowned Conwy Golf Club making it the perfect location for sailing and golf enthusiasts alike.

As part of their boatyard refurbishments, boatfolk again contacted the Rolec team to supply and install a new electrical distribution network. Their new network will be made up of seven fixed and seven portable Quantum service pedestals with a mix of four and six 16amp single phase outlets. All of which will, again, be fitted with Smartcard metering facilities. Further supported by a GRP mains panel, 3 GRP distribution units and a comprehensive electrical cable system.

Vollen Marina

Situated West of Oslo, Vollen Marina hosts some of the most incredible views of Norway’s coastline.

As part of their 2021 expansion, the team at Vollen Marina connected with our local distribution partners to provide utility pedestals for their permanent berths and to support their new venture of adding 30 guest moorings for visitors. As part of this project, we supplied the marina with a total of 49 Quantum pedestals over 3 years.

42 service pedestals to meet the needs of their permanent/long-term moorings and 7 additional units for their new guest wing. Units in their guest section were also fitted with a booking and payment system for the sale of harbour rent, showers, washing machines & dryers, training rooms and access control to the service building.

Gatton Waters Caravan Park

Run by the Donaldson family for over three decades, Gatton Waters’ 24-acre site is nestled in the heart of the West Norfolk countryside, just a short drive from Norfolk’s famous coastline.

Over the winter, the team at Gatton Waters took on the massive undertaking of completely refurbishing the site ready for their reopening in time for the busy season in Spring 2023.

The project was carried out by our dedicated team of engineers, who installed a total network of 118 smart meter hookups and smart cards.

Keep your eye out for the full case study, coming soon!

Shortferry Caravan Park

With storm Babet finally behind us and storm Jocelyn on the near horizon, it is fair to say that a lot of caravan parks across the UK have been dealing with the fallout of these bad weather systems. One such caravan park is Shortferry.

After a sitewide flood at the end of last year left all of their existing hookups underwater, Shortfeerry reached out to us to not only replace their damaged units but also come up with a solution to prevent the same problem arising in the future.

The resulting network consisted of just over 90 16amp hookups and mounting posts. A brand new distribution unit and sitewide installation. To prevent further damage to units, each of them were fitted with extended length cables so that they could be raised above the floodline if the area floods again. We are also replacing 21 damaged units within the touring area, with a mix of 2-way and 4-way 16amp classic touring pedestals with Smartcard metering.

And that’s a wrap on this quarter’s news! We hope you have enjoyed catching up with us on all things Rolec Marina & Leisure. Keep a lookout for the next installation. 

Click here for more information about our SmartCard Metering system for marinas.

Or click here for more information about our SmartCard Metering system for caravan electric supplies.

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