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NEW: BerthVend, a cloud-based berth services management system for marinas across the world

12 December 2023 at 11:07:22

Global leaders in marina services equipment, Rolec have launched their new cloud-based marina services management system, BerthVend, providing a streamlined service provision for both marina operators and berth holders.

The marina landscape is changing; modern technologies and developments are providing marina and waterfront destinations with endless opportunities whilst decreasing manual labour, time and costs. Rolec have always been pioneers in introducing new and emerging technologies to the marina industry and this time, they have launched BerthVend, a completely cloud-based berth management system, enabling marina operators to control their electric and water services anytime, anywhere, on any device. BerthVend is an updated marina services management system compared to previous systems supplied by Rolec. Whether it’s a marina office computer, a tablet or a smartphone, marina operators are able to manage their services either in their office, or whilst on the marina destination itself.

For marina operators, BerthVend brings a plethora of features to provide simple and straightforward operations to their working day. With its modern interactive dashboard which presents a visual of the marina’s layout, as well as the number of berths occupied; berths available and the status of the berth status, marina operators can clearly understand their berths’ activity. Marina operators can benefit from the following: individual electric and water meter readings directly to the marina office; remotely switching sockets and taps on/off; authority to implement own tariffs; manage user accounts; exportable data; remote firmware updates; reservation of utilities; visibility of overall site electric and water consumption; assign services to boat name; pre-pay and post-pay options; billing and payment chasing, as well as easy flotilla/charter billing. What’s more, when opting for BerthVend, marina operators can reap the benefits of implementing a future-proof and scalable marina services management system that enables them to increase their hardware (marina service pedestals) as and when required.

API integration of booking systems, accounting and ERP applications also provides marina and waterfront destinations with an all-in-one system, providing ease of daily operations for marina operators. RFID cards/fobs can also be allocated to berth holders, again for a seamless service provision. One particular advancement is BerthVend’s Customer Dock - a self-service portal which enables berth holders to independently switch on/off their assigned services via their smartphone/tablet; a feature that is ideal for marinas that desire to retain the payment management of services used by berth holders, providing them with control over their incoming finances associated with the marina’s services.

Berth holders can benefit from numerous features such as: a personal account to make payments via a virtual wallet and obtain transaction history via the BerthVend app; advance reservations of services with marinas; automated in-session low balance alerts via SMS, email or push marketing; outstanding payment reminders; pre-pay and post-pay options; automatic top-up facilities; access to any BerthVend pedestal across the world with the BerthVend app, as well as secure payments via Opayo.

Marina and waterfront destinations are able to choose from various packages when it comes to implementing BerthVend, allowing them to opt for the perfect solution to suit their destination’s requirements. With the inclusion of BerthVend’s Customer Dock and the dedicated BerthVend app, destinations can benefit from a truly modern berth services management system that saves time, labour and costs whilst also providing a seamless service provision for berth holders.

What does the future look like for BerthVend? The beauty of BerthVend being a cloud-based system means that marina destinations can benefit from over-the-air firmware updates, without the need for engineers to alter the marina service pedestals on-site. As technology evolves, as will BerthVend; some of the potential upcoming features include: contactless payment options; expansion to marina management system, including booking berths via the BerthVend app and bespoke solutions; push marketing to promote the marina’s leisure facilities as well third party partners (restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres) to generate additional revenue; push notifications to boat owners, as well as roaming user account, allowing the use of the user’s virtual wallet across Rolec’s entire smart systems, including VendElectric and PitchVend.

Learn more about BerthVend - Click here

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