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EV Charging

Rolec and Monta; Making EV Charging a Whole Lot Better

Chloe Sharp

20 November 2023 at 13:55:34

Whatever we can do to make your business’ transition to clean transport easier, we’re on it. We actively engage with our customers to understand their needs and challenges. A recurring concern we’ve noticed is the desire for better integration between EV charging hardware and software.

Currently they seem to function independently, but it doesn’t have to be like this, right? Right. As part of our ongoing relationship with EV software provider Monta, we are making life that little bit easier. Tasking ourselves with taking apart every step of EV adoption and either simplifying it or making it better.

So, to get things started we went all the way to the beginning. The genesis of the chargepoint, if you will.

Quicker, easier and smarter installation:

We already manufacture all our chargepoints in the UK at our custom-built factory in Lincolnshire (across the car park from my desk, actually). So, we get a behind-the-scenes look at every single step an EV charger takes before it reaches you.

On one of our behind-the-scenes snooping sessions, someone asked the question: ‘what more could we be doing?’ And on that day, history was made… Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it did kickstart some intense brainstorming for the team.

And soon, our brainboxes had come up with a solution; we were able to offer pre-onboarding to Monta. The biggest benefit? For larger projects, the installer would receive an invite to the ‘Installer Job’ on the Monta portal once units were dispatched to them. Where the entire network of chargepoints would be uploaded and waiting. No more manually entering the serial number for each unit, now the installation can be more about installing and less about admin.

Cost savings and support if things go wrong:

Choosing Rolec and Monta means choosing the most competitive pricing in the industry. Not too shabby right? And this comes paired with Monta’s feature-packed Enterprise Plan, reduced transaction fees and subscription costs – so more of your profit can be converted to revenue, without missing out on the advanced features that make managing your chargepoint smart.

If we were to tell you the full list of features you get by pairing up with Rolec and Monta, we’d be here for an age. But we do have time to highlight some of the stars of the show:

· 24/7 support via email, chat, or phone, so (as Shakira said) ‘whenever, wherever’ you can reach someone who can help.

· Work from home charging - charge at home while you work from home with Monta’s ‘Sponsor a Chargepoint’ feature. All charging expenses can be managed through a shared company wallet, keeping everything accurate and in one place. How convenient.

· Smart queue and booking facility – have even more control over your charging network, schedule charging for your fleet vehicles, reserve chargepoints for those that need more power and manage your vehicles all through Monta.

· Dynamic and scheduled pricing tariffs – lately, the cost of electricity seems to change minute by minute and so do our energy needs. Monta’s platform lets you take advantage of fully flexible pricing; set charging pricing based on the hour-by-hour price of electricity and schedule pricing to change during set hours.

For more information about how the Monta back-office mananagement platform click here

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