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Chargepoint management system

One platform for chargepoint 
owners & EV drivers.

Enabling you to manage & operate your own charging network

Monta gives your business the flexibility it needs to adapt to the growing needs of the modern EV driver. Offer an easy charging experience on your premise and unlock additional revenue streams, all while reducing your CO2 output.

Monta Portal


World-class back office software
for chargepoint owners

The Monta platform is a state-of-the art, legacy free EV charging back office system for managing and operating chargepoints. It’s easy to use, set up and scale.


The platform is packed with features developed for you to easily manage your business without having to incur any of the costs associated with developing a back-office, phone app, secure payment and management platform.

Monta App


Charge your EV on your terms. 

With Monta you have full control over your charging experience, at home or on the road.

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google play


Set different 


Manage chargepoints on an individual level and decide pricing for different groups.



Pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card, team wallet or charge key.



Schedule price changes that automatically occur at specific hours. This helps avoid losing money when electricity is expensive.



Apply a monthly fee to be part of a team. Each member must pay this, in order to charge at the team’s price.

& private


Reserve chargepoints for members during peak hours. Open chargepoints to the public off peak hours.

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Other preferred back-office management & mobile app partners include:

ChargePlace Scotland

Transparent & flexible pricing

Monta is the software you need to get the most out of your chargepoints. Get started for free with up to 3 sockets or manage thousands via our web portal.

​The Monta app is
100% free with no subscription cost
when charging
at home

Ideal for small businesses 
and homes. 
Max. 3 sockets


No monthly subscription

10% transaction fee

(when people pay to charge on your chargepoint (ex. VAT)


Unlimited team members

Best for medium to large scale charging across multiple sites and the full user experience.


Per socket, per month (ex. VAT)

4.5% transaction fee

(when people pay to charge on your chargepoint (ex. VAT)


Unlimited team members

Email & chat support
Tech support (phone)*
24/7 support*
Transaction overview
Smart queue*
Load balancing*
Advanced team features*
Pay with Team Wallet*
Team charge keys
Pay by invoice
Sponsored chargepoint*
Enterprise security*
Tech support (phone) & 24/7 support - Only for admin / owners of teams / operators
Smart queue - This Smart queue feature enables EV drivers to join the virtual queue at one of multiple charging sites and allows drivers to get notified when the chargepoint becomes available for them
Load balancing - Load balancing is the distribution of power between the different points of consumption. In other words, Monta automatically divides the available power over the vehicles that are charging
Advanced team features - Member fees, select chargepoints access
Pay with Team Wallet - In your teams wallet you can see the transactions from and to the wallet and export the list of all the transactions
Sponsored chargepoint - Relevant for companies reimbursing its employees for charging at home
Roaming - Share your chargepoints on the world’s largest roaming platform Hubject – 12.5% transaction fee
Enterprise security - Enterprise security features: audit log, ip whitelist, 2factor / saml

For more information including pricing examples, see the Powered by Monta overview sheet.


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