The gateway to managing and operating your own charging network 

An innovative solution allowing businesses to benefit from full control over their chargepoints. 


VENDELECTRIC is a unique EV charging platform providing businesses, organisations and similar with the ability to deploy and self manage their very own EV charging network without having to incur any of the
significant costs associated with developing a back-office, phone app and secure payment/management platform.


Seamless charging for both charge point operators and users


Customisable Tariffs

Operate your charging points via
pay-to-charge, free-to-charge or BIK options. For example, you may wish to offer free charging to employees, whilst providing visitors with a pay-to-charge service.

Future-proof & Scalable

Ability to assign RFID card/fobs to drivers or vehicles which can then be used to authorise charging sessions. There is also the option to restrict chargepoints to specific VRMs (Vehicle Registration Marks), making the ideal solution for fleets.

Fleet Management Solutions

Assign RFID card/fobs to drivers or vehicles to authorise charging sessions. Also restrict charging point usage to specific VRMs via the app.

Automatic Fault Notifications

Fault notification feature allows the VENDELECTRIC team to provide support when required.

VendElectric Benefits

For Your Business/Organisation

You’re In Complete Control

Unlimited use of an industry leading back-office platform
enabling you to have full management and control of your entire EV charging network.

Smart Reporting & Analytical Feedback

Full visibility of real-time chargepoint activity, monitoring and energy usage all at the click of a button, helping you understand charging behaviours and where further infrastructure
is required. You can easily access and export all historic data
and reports.

Mapped Network 

Complete mapped overview of your network as well as the ability
to group your chargepoints at your premises/sites using the
platform’s interface.

Optional Electrical Load Management 

Ideal for locations that require
multiple EV charging points
where the collective load may
be greater than electricity
supply. The optional load
management feature
ensures all charging facilities
are available for use.

Generate Revenue

Immediate revenue stream by simply setting your own EV charging tariffs, with the ability to change as and when you wish to suit your business requirements. The revenue summary page provides you with a clear itemised overview of your generated revenue.

Over The Air Software Updates

VENDELECTRIC’s OCPP integration enables remote over the air firmware updates ensuring you’re always on the latest version.


Deploying charging infrastructure across your business?

Take a look at how VendElectric is the best software solution for your charging requirements.

For The EV Driver

Easy To Operate

Operate via mobile phone and/or RFID card/fob system, allowing for a seamless charging experience.

Secure Payment Platform

Pay for the use of charging points safely and efficiently.

Chargepoint Locator Map

Understand where the chargepoint is located, its status and its availability.

No Driver Fees

There are no hidden fees, unnecessary charging network membership, subscription or connection fees.

Access Driver Charging History

Get to know your EV charging activity and behaviour within the tap of a finger.