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Rolec supports Willmott Dixon’s fleet electrification plans

12 December 2023 at 11:07:35

Over 100 of Willmott Dixon’s sites will be future-proof with the roll out of charging infrastructure for electric company cars.

Willmott Dixon’s pledge to become a zero-carbon company by 2030, without offsetting, has seen it announce a roll-out of electric vehicle charge points across all its sites and offices. Rolec has been chosen as Willmott Dixon’s chargepoint partner to deliver electric vehicle charging solutions across over 100 of Willmott Dixon’s sites and offices in England and Wales. 

The deployment of charging infrastructure at Willmott Dixon’s sites will ensure that its nearly 300 electric vehicle driving employees are able to recharge their EVs whilst on-site.

In the latest initiative under it’s Now or Never sustainability strategy, Willmott Dixon expects the move will have a big impact on its annual carbon footprint by reducing emissions by nearly 1 million kgCo2e*, with the shift away from petrol and diesel fuel also leading to savings of £360k in fuel reimbursement. It is also intended to support more people transitioning to electric vehicles.

Jake Hudson, Fleet Business Development Manager at Rolec added: 

“It is great to be able to assist with the provision of electric vehicle charge points for all of Willmott Dixon’s sites, sharing the vision of their 2030 ‘Now or Never’ sustainability strategy to deliver a greener future.”

Julia Barrett, Chief Sustainability Officer, explains: 

“Through our 2030 ‘Now or Never’ sustainability strategy, launched last autumn, we have set ourselves some of the toughest science-based targets in the industry, as we pledge to have no direct emissions from our day-to-day operations by eliminating fossil fuel use in our offices and on our sites.

“In order to achieve this objective, it is critical that we move to a 100% electric vehicle fleet, which will only be viable if we are able to provide our people with the relevant equipment to make this step change possible.

“In January, we launched a new vehicle scheme, encouraging our people to consider electric vehicles and we have already seen several hundred applications.  Now we are committing to installing electric vehicle charging points at our sites and offices, creating the infrastructure to support this change.

“Since 2019, all of our offices and sites have been powered by certified, natural renewable electricity.  We are also encouraging our people to consider making the same change at home, having recently led an internal campaign for Earth Day during April.  By combining renewable electricity powered charging points with electric vehicles, we are proud to be able to provide a truly sustainable vehicle solution for all of our people.”

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