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EV Charging

Welcoming the UltraCharge 160, for future-thinking businesses

Chloe Sharp

1 February 2023 at 15:09:37

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the UK government has set out a goal to reach a total nationwide carbon emission of net zero by 2050. By far one of the most impactful ways to achieve this is to start the transition to electric vehicles. To this point, all new vehicles sold in the UK past 2030 must be fully battery-electric. By switching to fossil fuel-free vehicles by 2030 (2050 for HGVs), the aim is to tackle the 21% of emission produced from cars, vans, and HGVs in the UK. However, to realistically achieve this, EV infrastructure needs to expand, with the Climate Change Committee (CCC) estimating that the UK alone will need 325,000 total public charge points. Our newest chargepoint, the ULTRACHARGE 160, has been designed with this in mind, giving power to future thinking businesses.

The ULTRACHARGE 160 is our most economical unit to date, with a unique scalable, modular design custom-built to grow with your needs. Offering DC charging capabilities of up to 160kW and a continuous power output segment of 300-1000v - providing a charge of up to 80% in around 20 minutes. Optimising speed to provide you with a significant increase in revenue potential. Making the ULTRACHARGE 160 the optimal choice for public, fleet and highway infrastructure developments.

Not only does the unit have the capacity to charge 2 vehicles simultaneously, the ULTRACHARGE 160 is also capable of supporting the charging requirements of not only standard EVs, but also expanding to include larger commercial vehicles such as HGVs and buses. Its wide output range switches automatically according to the vehicles’ requirements. All of which can be configured in relation to your site’s unique power limitations and adjusted in real time with the help of the unit’s dynamic power sharing function. Which allocates power equally to each vehicle depending on the site’s power provision as well as vehicle demand; automatically diverting 100% of its output once one vehicle reaches full charge.

If there’s one thing that working in the EV industry has taught us, it’s that changes can happen quickly and unexpectedly. With this in mind, if/when your needs change, you can easily upgrade your unit by increasing the number of power modules. Purpose-designed to expand our range of power offerings from just 60kW to 160kW in 20kW increments. Giving you the power to customise your energy at a rate that suits you.  You can also further customise your unit with our bespoke chargepoint branding services, tailoring it by adding your brand colours and logo to make them as much a part of your business as they are ours.

As with all our units, the ULTRACHARGE 160 comes with 4G and ethernet connectivity as standard. It is also OCPP1.6 compliant, making it easy for you to manage your unit through any compatible back-office, such as our own VendElectric and other preferred back-office partners (like MONTA, Fuuse and ChargePlace Scotland). So that you can receive real-time data on usage, CO2 emissions and revenue. The integrated RFID/NPC/contactless payment terminal gives EV drivers a direct and app-less way to pay. We designed ULTRACHARGE 160 to suit fleets of all sizes, meaning it is compatible with a multitude of different operational methods; choose from simple plug & charge, RFID or app-controlled access. Allowing you to track your staff or fleet’s activity and usage. As well as over-the-air firmware and software updates to further future-proof your unit.

Still curious? Click here to find out more information about the UltraCharge 160.

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