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SmartMaster / SmartMaster Solo Pre-Payment Systems

Rolec offers two highly reliable, cost effective pre-payment electricity / water solutions which can be incorporated into our pedestal ranges.

 These pre-payment solutions are:

  • SmartMaster
  • SmartMaster Solo

These systems are designed to be stand-alone and can be installed without the need for any communication cabling or network management system - simply connect your electric cable and water pipe and they are ready to use.

SmartMaster features:

  • Uses contactless re-usable Smartcards (RFID)
  • Each berth holder retains their own Smartcard
  • 2way communication (card to system – credit / system to card – refund)
  • Large touch-sensitive interactive data screens
  • Individual control of each berths electricity and water supply
  • Smartcards can be used at any and every berth
  • Can be extended to include marina access gates, sanitation pump-out, fuel etc.
  • Office computer can monitor and override system when required
  • 16amp to 600amp electricity supplies and ½” to 2” water supplies

SmartMaster Solo features:

  • Uses contactless re-usable Smartcards (RFID)
  • 2way communication (card to pedestal – credit / pedestal to card – refund)
  • Measures exact electricity and water values consumed
  • Can be extended to incorporate marina access gates, sanitation pump-out, fuel, etc.
  • User credit display on every pedestal
  • Credit security assured
  • Credit available neon indicator

All these systems contain common components that are readily available through Rolec or any other leading electrical component supplier.

Peace of mind

SmartMaster and SmartMaster Solo are easy to install, reliable and easy to maintain systems.

Rolec Support

The SmartMaster system comes complete with a bronze remote package for the first year.  This support can be upgraded and extended to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Marina Management Software (MMS)

SmartMaster has been designed to operate and interact with third party MMS packages including Pacsoft, Havenstar and many others.

* Click on image below to download the SmartMaster Solo Data Sheet *

* Click on image below to view the Rolec Global Marina Services Brochure 2018 *




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