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​Be leaders of environmental change

Supporting the transition to a zero-emissions fleet

Why choose a ROLEC EV fleet charging solutions?

UK's largest range of
AC & DC chargepoints

Tailored back-office management solutions

Compatible with
all EVs & PHEVs

Nationwide installation 
& maintenance

Dedicated account 

Bespoke chargepoint branding service

Helping electric fleets operate using first-class
innovative EV charging


Be leaders in the
EV revolution


Be prepared for fleet demand with our EV charging points and back office management system with the ability to register unlimited drivers and recharge unlimited vehicles.

Business Savings

Enjoy significant operational savings from electrifying your fleet vehicles and acquire the ability to access associated electricity costs at a glance.

VRM Operated

Allow fleet drivers to plug and charge using their Vehicle Registration Mark.

Multi-destination Charging

Charge your fleet at your depot, different work locations and at the driver’s home.

Complete Control

Get to know your fleet’s live charging activity and prioritise charging for specific vehicles.


Gain the capacity to understand vehicle battery state, ensuring no unnecessary charging; recharge vehicles when required and maximise efficiency.

Adaptable & Scalable

Add more EV charging points to your infrastructure as and when adopting more electric vehicles to your fleet.

Load Management

Avoid costly site power upgrades by managing the total demand of your charging network in a safe and efficient manner.

Grant Funding (UK Only)

Did you know that your UK workplace could be eligible for up to £14,000 grant funding for the purchase and installation of your electric vehicle charging points?

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles are eager to ensure that destinations across the UK can offer both staff and visitors with EV charging facilities, therefore off-setting the costs of implementing charging infrastructure.

The level of grant funding provided by OZEV also allows your destination to offer 40 charging points for your staff and visitors to use, allowing for more vehicles to recharge at your premises. 

One platform for chargepoint owners & EV drivers.

Our other preferred back-office partners:

ChargePlace Scotland

Case Studies


Sheffield’s popular shopping destination offers its customers free EV charging across its car parks. Meadowhall opted for chargepoints to be accessible for all, including parent & child and disabled drivers. 



Fleet - EV Product Range

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