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EV Charging

Welcome to The Future of Sustainable EV Charging

Chloe Sharp

12 December 2023 at 15:50:00

Virtual SolarCharge

Monta has added solar charging to their repertoire. Introducing their new Virtual SolarCharge feature later this year. In a mission to make EV even more sustainable, you can now charge your electric vehicle completely using the sun. Meaning that you can not only power your travels with self-generated, renewable energy. You can also take full advantage of the cost savings that come with grid independence.

Easy to use without the need to retrofit hardware, Virtual SolarCharge is available for free to all Monta users with a Rolec charge point through the app. It takes only 5 minutes to set up and can be done by anyone, so no  need to call out an engineer - just login to the app and set it up whilst you sip a cup of tea.

To activate this feature you simply need to enter the details of your solar array and Monta’s adaptive algorithm uses real-time weather data to accurately predict how much energy will be generated by your solar panels and allocate this energy to powering up your EV.

Compatible with all solar panel hardware and a large variety of charging hardware. Including our full range of home charge and commercial charging solutions.

Learn even more about Monta’s Virtual SolarCharge over here


Supporting a healthy energy ecosystem means maintaining a balance between conscious electricity usage and an evenly weighted distribution system. Essentially, ensuring there is enough electricity to go around. Which is where Monta’s PowerBank comes into focus.

Engineered to monitor imbalances in the grid’s supply of electricity, PowerBank employs an adaptive approach to EV charging. Momentarily pausing your charge in response to grid fluctuation. Doing their part to help distribute stress on the grid, Monta’s PowerBank works to mitigate the risk of frequent blackouts and power-outages.

Although this feature has a large impact on grid stability, it will only have a minimal impact on  your individual charge.

And this feature is not just free to use, you actually earn money when using it.

Empowering smart grid usage by rewarding you with Monta credit for every kWh you use. Which can, in turn, be used to cover the cost of subscriptions or used to fund charging within Monta’s expansive roaming network. Meaning, for the first time ever, your smart energy choices at home can power your journeys nationwide.

You can sign up for PowerBank on the Monta app. Click here for a detailed guide.

For more information about how the Monta back-office mananagement platform Click here

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