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Flexible charging at home.
Smart charging just got SMARTER

From just £913 (inc. VAT)

Are you eligible for the £350 OZEV Grant?

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Save money and charge greener with the Zura & WallPod home electric vehicle chargers.

Rolec EV’s range of chargepoints for the home have been designed to provide an easy charging experience.
Recharge your EV using your smartphone or handy RFID card/fob. 

The MONTA app allows you to schedule charges so your car is ready when you are. Choose your ready time and choose to prioritise lower costs, lower CO₂ or only using renewable energy

OCPP 1.6 integration enables these chargepoints to be controlled via any other compliant app / back office such as;, Electric Miles etc.

*price is subject to site survey/site conditions/location of property/location of charging point and your chosen electrical contractors Ts & Cs


Flexible home charging solution for EV drivers - charge on your terms. 

  • Remotely control your home EV charging​

  • Choose your ready time and choose to prioritise lower costs, lower CO₂ or only using renewable energy

  • Schedule charges so your car is ready when you are

  • Integrate with most EV manufacturer apps and cars

  • Real-time information on your car and battery levels to maximize your charging experience

  • Share and give charging access to friends, family and guests


  • Set your charger for public use with custom pricing

  • Access to over 200,000 chargepoints across Europe

  • Easily initiate charging and complete payments via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Monta Wallet

  • Automatic software updates & bug fixes

  • Online chat or support line for help when you need it​

Energy tariff  
driven charging

Set what time your vehicle needs charging by and we’ll ensure you’re benefitting from your energy tariff’s off-peak hours

Charge your car the way you want to

Set preferences in the app to automatically charge your car the cheapest way, to reduce CO₂ emissions or use renewable energy

Go greener with 
solar charging

Sync with your solar PV setup or other
home renewables to benefit from zero-cost and zero-carbon charge

Allow others to use 
your chargepoint

Set what time your vehicle needs charging by, and we’ll ensure you’re benefitting from your energy tariff’s off-peak hours

Complete control over your home chargepoint with the MONTA app.

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Benefits of owning a ROLEC EV chargepoint?

Automatic dynamic 
load balancing

Protects the property’s fuse, allowing drivers to recharge their vehicles without disrupting their property’s electrical supply

No more need 
for earth rods

Equipped with built-in PME fault detection, eliminating the requirement for an earth rod. Saves on installation time and costs

4G / Wi-Fi /
Ethernet enabled

Complete with secure 4G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, to ensure that your charger is always online 24/7

Locking your
smart charger

The charger lock feature makes it easy to protect your EV charger against electricity theft whilst you’re away from your home


These stylish and intelligent electric vehicle chargers are fitted with the latest smart technology. Over-the-air updates allow the chargers to receive the very latest features, ensuring a safe and future-proof product 24/7.

Each home charger comes complete with 3 years FREE MONTA app connectivity and support, which is securely accessed via the charger's built-in 4G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity.

OZEV Grant

Are you eligible for £350 OZEV grant funding?

The OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant allows you to reduce the cost of your EV chargepoint. If you qualify for the grant, one of our OZEV approved installers will take care of the claim on your behalf.


The EV Chargepoint Grant is the reformed Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and is open to: