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Rolec’s next steps for COVID Safety on Site

Last Updated: Monday 12th July 2021

This is to inform you that for the foreseeable future ROLEC Services will continue to follow the COVID – 19 Policy that is at present in place for the business.

We are aware that the Government has decided that some of the present restrictions will be lifted after the 19th of July 2021. However, it is for the individual businesses to follow their own policy and continue with safe practices to protect all their employees and visitors to the business.

We have therefore decided that we will continue to use face covers in busy areas and when moving around the offices and factory facilities, continue to follow social distancing best practice and maintain sanitising stations throughout the site.

All measures laid out in the COVID – 19 Policy as of March 2021 will remain in place therefore, please review and remind yourself of this Policy.

(This will be reviewed on a Monthly basis.)

For more information please read our Staying Covid-19 Secure Notice

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Stay safe and take care. The team at Rolec Services

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