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    CHARGING ON THE GO Charging your electric vehicle on the go couldn’t be simpler! Our subscription free EV charging network, EVCharge.Online already operates over 4,000 EV charging points and continues to grow by the day. CONTACT US FIND A CHARGEPOINT Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure For EV Drivers Site Structure Charging On The Go Our EV Charge.Online Platform Easy to operate Simply plug in and confirm with the EVCharge.Online app to begin charging. Monitor and export you charging data Perfect for submitting your business expense claims or to simply keep track of your charging. Available at hundreds of locations With charging points at many local attractions, car parks, supermarkets and shopping centres, you can charge your vehicle anywhere. Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs EVCharge.Online works seamlessly with all plug-in vehicles. Enjoy no subscription or connection fees Convenient and cost-effective charging at all of our chargepoints. 4,000+ Charging Points Our network of AC & DC chargepoints grows by the day, making finding a chargepoint easy. Are you ready to recharge your EV? Download the EV Charge.Online app via your mobile phone/smart device and enjoy affordable charging across the UK How to start charging your Electric Vehicle What you need to know in 5 simple steps 1. Check Availability You can check the chargepoint’s availability on the chargepoint itself or via the EV Charge.Online app. Available chargepoints will display flashing blue LEDs. 2. Plug In Your Vehicle Connect your vehicle to the chargepoint using an EV charging cable. 3. Select Your Chargepoint The quickest way to select your chargepoint is to scan its unique QR code using your smartphone’s camera. Alternatively you can simply enter the chargepoint ID which can also be found next to the chargepoint. 4. Confirm Your Charge If the chargepoint is free-to-use simply tap the ‘confirm charge’ button to begin your charging session. If the chargepoint is pay-to-charge you can log in, register or charge as a guest. Select the amount of charge you require and follow the on-screen instructions to make payment. 5. End Your Charge You can end your charging session by either selecting ‘End Charging Session’ in the app or by unplugging from your vehicle, and then from the chargepoint. Locate & Navigate Easy to find and navigate to a chosen charging point. Exportable Data Ideal for expenses/benefit-in-kind claims. My Favourites Save and sort your favourite charging locations. Live Notifications Receive charging session notifications & alerts. Charge Sessions View all of your current and past charging session information. Virtual Wallet Top-up a virtual wallet which makes activating a charge much quicker. Statistics & Analytics Understand your EV charging activity/behaviour. Multi Vehicle Access Multiple EVs can be added to a single registered account. EV Charge.Online Features for Registered Users Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 ENQUIRE NOW EV CHARGING PRODUCT RANGES

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    OUR BLOG From simple step-by-step guides to our advice on electric vehicle charging, our blog is your go to destination for ‘know hows’ and more EV Charging Blogs Marina Services Blogs Caravan Hook-Ups Blogs All Blogs arrow&v 2020 July 2020 arrow&v Download our product brochures now to learn more about our services available DOWNLOAD NOW

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    THE BLOG THE NEWS OUR INSIGHTS Read about our news stories, blog posts, top tips and advice. Blog Posts Industry News All Insights arrow&v Download our product brochures now to learn more about our services available DOWNLOAD NOW

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    CASE STUDIES Learn more about our EV charging infrastructure projects, our global marina projects and our caravan hook-up projects. EV Charging Marina Services Caravan Hook-Ups All Case Studies arrow&v Download our product brochures now to learn more about our services available DOWNLOAD NOW

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