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My charger has tripped out, how do I reset it?

New Product Support

New Product Support

My charger has tripped out, how do I reset it?

Where is the breaker located?

The chargepoints breaker will be located in one of the following:

  1. Within the property's consumer unit

  2. Within a dedicated chargepoint consumer unit

  3. Within the chargepoint's enclosure 

Has the breaker tripped?

When tripped, the RCBO, MCB or RCD breaker switch will be in a downward position and may be ‘floppy’.

* Some devices have a pair of levers that can act together – treat both levers as one switch.

To reset the device

  1. Push the switch fully downward – it may click as it resets.

  2. Now, move the switch fully upwards to apply electrical power to the charge point – the switch should stay in place in this position.

For more detailed instructions click here

If the switch repeatedly does not hold its upward position, the issue must be investigated by a qualified electrician.

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8 September 2023

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