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Record breaking year for electric vehicles in 2021

12 December 2023 at 11:08:09

2021; a challenging year for the overall automotive industry, but a prosperous year for the electric vehicle industry and alike. With hashtags such as #TheFutureIsElectric and #ElectricCarsAreTheFuture trending across social media channels; major electrification announcements at COP26; further government funding towards the UK’s charging infrastructure and mandatory charging infrastructure requirements, evidently, we are steering towards a cleaner and greener future. Sustainable travel and transport are set to be focal discussion points for the coming years, however interestingly, the significant uptake of zero-emission vehicles is already presenting the industry with direction, confidence and encouragement.

Last year presented a record-breaking year for electric vehicle registrations with 190,727 BEVs, 114,55 PHEVs and 147,246 HEVs registered, equating to 27.5% of the overall vehicle market share. In fact, BEV registrations in 2021 were higher than BEV registrations from the years 2016-2020 combined! A visible paradigm shift is taking place in which drivers are choosing to electrify as opposed to continuing driving ICE vehicles; a concept that wouldn’t have crossed the minds of many decades ago. As people become more aware of the lasting implications of climate change, people are changing their daily behaviours and habits to reduce their carbon footprint. Adopting an electric vehicle plays a crucial role in preserving the environment by decreasing carbon emissions output into the atmosphere, therefore opting for a greener alternative is a no-brainer for environmentally conscious individuals.

Choice of electric vehicle and plug-in models have also increased across the years, with over 40% of vehicle models now available in plug-in derivatives, meaning that drivers are provided with greater choice than ever before when it comes to making the switch. Vehicle range was previously a concern for the majority, however due to technological advancements in the motor industry, car manufacturers are able to offer electric vehicles with ranges suitable for longer journeys, thus increasing confidence. 2021 saw the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Lexus, BMW, Volkswagen and more announce that electrification plays a significant role in their future plans, suggesting that more and more electric vehicles are set to reach the UK market within the next year and so forth. With various electric vehicle models already accessible within the UK, a further increase in choice will provide current ICE drivers with more of a reason to switch should they find their perfect match.

We simply cannot discuss the rise in electric vehicles without a mention of cost savings! Although the initial outlay of opting for an electrified model may prove to be costly for some, immediately the driver can see cost savings in overall running costs. Paying less to recharge as opposed to filling up at the petrol station; government grant funding towards the purchase of an electric vehicle; government grant funding towards the purchase of an EV charging point and integrating with cheaper and greener energy tariffs all pose significant financial savings for drivers’ futures. Not to mention, company car drivers who benefit from 2% BiK (Benefit in Kind) tax.

It is to no surprise that the electric vehicle market experienced its strongest year in 2021, despite the challenges and complications that the overall vehicle industry faced. With fiscal incentives in place, increased choice in vehicle models and a shift in mindset regarding the environment, it was inevitable that electric vehicles were going to experience their ‘moment.’ In our eyes, the only way is up and we are excited to be a part of the UK’s electrified journey ahead.

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