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FULLY FUNDED EV charging solutions for workplaces


Support your employees’ transition to driving an electric vehicle

With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, your caravan/holiday park destination requires electric vehicle charging points to accommodate for all of your visitors.

Rolec manufacture, design and install Europe’s largest range of EV charging points, providing a solution for all budgets and requirements. 

Why choose ROLEC EV charging solutions?

Eligible for
grant funding

Compatible with
all EVs & PHEVs

Dedicated account 

in the UK

Nationwide installation 
& maintenance

Bespoke chargepoint
branding service

Seamlessly charging workplace vehicles across the nation

Case studies:

Flat owner-occupiers and people living in rented properties

Enabling you to manage and operate your own charging network

Monta gives your business the flexibility it needs to adapt to the growing needs of the modern EV driver. Stop wasting time and resources on EV charging management. Monta gives you full control over employee charging needs while automating and streamlining repetitive admin work.


Set different 

Manage chargepoints on an individual level and decide pricing for different groups.


Set chargepoint to only charge at times when conditions are met, such as low electricity price, low CO2, or high amount of renewable energy.


Add or remove chargepoints and users through our platform. You can scale up and down as you please.


Static, Dynamic or True Dynamic options to distribute the electricity in a smart way. No need to buy expensive extra ampere.

Sponsored chargepoint

Employees can charge at home on their company account, thereby avoiding the need to receive money on slow intervals.

Other preferred back-office management & mobile app partners include:

ChargePlace Scotland

+ many more

EV funding for caravan parks


Electric vehicle charging solutions for your caravan and holiday parks

Did you know
that 90% of EV
drivers will seek out destinations that
have chargepoints over those that
do not?

Funded turnkey solutions

Wattif EV are a funding solution provider covering the cost of chargepoint installation, purchase, maintenance, and software. This means you can build EV charging infrastructure without any risk of investment for your business.
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Government grants

Did you know that your UK business could save up to £14,000 on the installation of electric vehicle charging points?

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