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The buying power within Rolec Services Ltd allows us to bulk buy directly from component manufacturers’ assembly lines therefore enabling us to offer the lowest possible prices for all accessories.

Our headquarters in Boston, Lincolnshire, incorporates two huge warehouses which at all times are fully stocked with hundreds of thousands of electrical components compatible with all of the products manufactured by the divisions within  Rolec Services Ltd.

These are also available directly to the electrical trade regardless of whether they purchase manufactured goods from the Rolec Services.

Due to our warehousing facilities, we are usually able to despatch accessories within 48 hours and always try to fulfil orders the next day where possible.

  • Key switch control up to 32A 

  • WallPod 13A Socket Pod

  • LED Rings

  • Galvanised steel mounting post

  • Surface Mount box section post

  • Pedestal Galvanised Steel Ground Mounting Base

  • Remote wall mount Type 1 charge gun holster

  • Remote wall mount Type 2 charge gun holster

  • 32A Type 2 Socket complete with hinged flap

  • 20A Type 1 Socket complete with hinged flap

  • C20A 30mA 1P+N 2MOD Type A 10kA RCBO

  • C40A 30mA 4P 7.5MOD Type A 6kA RCBO

  • 100A 2P 2MOD DIN-Mount Isolator

  • 100A 4P 4MOD DIN-Mount Isolator

  • 45A 1MOD 1phase 1000imp/kWh Digital DIN Rail
    Mounted Meter – MID B

  • 16A IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 Communication Module

  • 16/32A 3P Contactor

  • LED Status Indicator

  • Service Selection Button

  • Hatch Lock

  • EV Charging Cables

  • Adapters & Conversion Leads

  • Charging Cable Carry Bags

  • EV Driver Signage

  • Protection Barriers - Surface and Ground Mounted

  • And Much More

The EV Charging Accessories range includes:

Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754


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